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How to build

  1. Download the Proof Pad source from one of the methods provided above.
  2. Download and compile RSyntaxTextArea. Export it to a .jar and add it to the build path for Proof Pad.
  3. Download a jar for Xstream and add it to the build path.
  4. If you're not on OS X, download Orange Extensions and add that to the build path. (Orange stubs out the OS X specific function calls so that the OS X specific code doesn't have to be removed to compile on Windows/Linux. You could, alternatively, comment out the large block of code in surrounded by if (isMac).)
  5. Download ACL2 for your platform and unzip it somewhere.
  6. Edit the path to ACL2 in to point to your local installation of ACL2. Compile and run that file. It will produce cache.dat in the main project directory.
  7. Copy/move/symlink the dracula/ directory from the acl2 directory
  8. Compile and run org.proofpad.Main.

If you encounter any problems with these build instructions, email me at

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