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MaestroFlow - Composing Reactive Programs


MaestroFlow is an interface for connecting programs together. It consists of a GUI display which shows sources and sinks as nodes in a directed graph, along with a set of programs that use the MaestroFlow API. At the current moment the interface is an Electron application, and the only API is for Python.

Getting Started

To start the MaestroFlow server, go to the maestroflow/server directory and run npm start. To use the Python 3.6 API, add an entry to your PYTHONPATH to point to the maestroflow/python folder. The API can then be imported:

import maestroflow as mf

The Python APIs require the aiohttp and requests Python libraries, which can be installed with pip.

The Python API also comes with some examples which can be found in the maestroflow/python/examples folder.

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