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Find partials in your Rails app easily!
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Find partials in your Rails app easily! :D


gem install way

or add the following line to Gemfile:

gem 'way', :group => :development

and run bundle install from your shell.


  1. Add '_way' to the querystring

add to querystring

  1. Hit enter and your partials will now display their full path



To run the entire test suite, just run rake from your shell.

Supported Rails versions

Rails 2.3.x

Rails 3.x


Since I have to work on a LARGE Rails codebase everyday, finding where a particular partial is can be a little annoying. When having to add or edit some markup for a partial, spending a few minutes looking around gets frustrating. This helps save a few extra seconds.

I know the output is a little crude but it still works. :)

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