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Demo code for "Code to DI for" -


  • common dependency injection patterns
    • Constructor Injection
    • Property / Method Injection
    • LifeCycles (Singleton/Transient/Per Request)
  • various IoC/DI frameworks
  • practical steps and guidance
    • Using Conventions / Autoregistration
    • Avoiding "Common Service Locator" Pattern
    • Compositional Root
  • real world scenarios
    • DI with Static Singletons
    • DI with Existing Types
    • DI with Collections (IList)
    • Specifying Injected Dependencies
    • Forwarder pattern (for caching/retry logic on edges)
  • impact to Unit Testing
    • DI with Mocks / Fakes
  • application architecture
    • Compositional Root (Favor composition over inheritance)
    • Essentailly: realized SOLID