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This repository just contains my .vimrc config file.

Setup directions

  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • Go into the repo directory: cd caleb-vim-config
  • Copy the vimrc: cp vimrc ~/.vimrc
  • Clone Vundle: git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
  • In vim, run this command: :BundleInstall (which will download and install all of the Bundles)

This Vim setup includes the following

  • Packages:
    • Vundle - for package management
    • EasyMotion - for quick keyboard-based motion
    • CtrlP - for fuzzy file opening
    • NERDTree - nice left-side file explorer
    • tComment - Comment toggle
    • vim-colorschemes - a big package of color schemes
    • vim-markdown - syntax highlighting for Markdown format
  • Other tweaks including:
    • Incremental search (highlights as you type)
    • Different color scheme for visual vs gui mode
    • Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab for next/prev tab (in gui mode only)
    • No swap or back up files
    • Nice indention functionality
    • Show syntax highlighting and line numbers

Here is a list of hotkeys

(beyond the standard ones)

  • Ctrl-n - Toggle NERDTree
    • t - open selected file in new tab (in NERDTree)
  • \\w - EasyMotion (moving down)
  • \\B - EasyMotion (moving up)
  • \\s - EasyMotion (searching down)
  • Ctrl+p - open CtrlP
    • Ctrl+b - cycle through modes (in CtrlP)
    • Ctrl+t - open selected in new tab (in CtrlP)
  • Ctrl+- Ctrl+- - Toggle comment using tComment
  • Ctrl+Tab - Next tab (in GUI mode only)
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Previous tab (in GUI mode only)
  • gt - Next tab (GUI or text mode)
  • gT - Previous tab (GUI or text mode)