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Branch: 0.59-stable
Commits on May 31, 2019
  1. Fix prop typo.

    calebmer committed May 31, 2019
  2. 0.59.8-patch.6

    calebmer committed May 31, 2019
Commits on May 24, 2019
  1. 0.59.8-patch.5

    calebmer committed May 24, 2019
  2. Fix renderWithHooks? I was getting weird crashes locally when renderi…

    calebmer committed May 24, 2019
    …ng an error boundary.
  3. Revert "React sync for revisions 8e25ed2...ec6691a"

    calebmer committed May 24, 2019
    This reverts commit 1968348.
  4. 0.59.8-patch.4

    calebmer committed May 24, 2019
  5. React sync for revisions 8e25ed2...ec6691a

    mdvacca authored and calebmer committed May 3, 2019
    This sync includes the following changes:
    - **[ec6691a68](facebook/react@ec6691a )**: Event API: remove isTargetDirectlyWithinEventComponent (facebook#15546) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[a6e30001f](facebook/react@a6e3000 )**: Delete duplicate Focus.js (facebook#15540) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[f7993d547](facebook/react@f7993d5 )**: Delete duplicate Hover.js (facebook#15539) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[c8ee10037](facebook/react@c8ee100 )**: Delete duplicate Swipe.js (facebook#15541) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[494716c9b](facebook/react@494716c )**: Delete duplicate Drag.js (facebook#15537) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[377846fef](facebook/react@377846f )**: Delete duplicate Press.js (facebook#15538) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[379515e83](facebook/react@379515e )**: Follow up to 15535 (facebook#15536) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[bd88982fb](facebook/react@bd88982 )**: Event API: use `capture` for all event listeners using experimental responder system (facebook#15526) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[72ca3c60e](facebook/react@72ca3c6 )**: Bump scheduler version to 0.14.0 (facebook#15395) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[7882c41f6](facebook/react@7882c41 )**: Use lowercase entry points for event modules (facebook#15535) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[43c4e5f34](facebook/react@43c4e5f )**: Add method for forcing a lower framerate //<Nathan Schloss>//
    - **[1b752f191](facebook/react@1b752f1 )**: Fixed potential interaction tracing leak in Suspense thennable memoization (facebook#15531) //<Brian Vaughn>//
    - **[12e5a13cf](facebook/react@12e5a13 )**: [React Native] Inline calls to FabricUIManager in shared code (facebook#15490) //<Eli White>//
    - **[2cca18728](facebook/react@2cca187 )**: React Events: add onFocusVisibleChange to Focus (facebook#15516) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[cc5a49379](facebook/react@cc5a493 )**: React Events: FocusScope tweaks and docs (facebook#15515) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[796c67a25](facebook/react@796c67a )**: Event API: responder event types should not re-register on EventComponent update (facebook#15514) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[c4d1dcb53](facebook/react@c4d1dcb )**: React Events: core API documentation followup (facebook#15506) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[41ef1961c](facebook/react@41ef196 )**: Update TopLevelEventTypes.js (facebook#15511) //<Dan Nate>//
    - **[7a482af5d](facebook/react@7a482af )**: Event API: Fix bug where Press root events were not being cleared (facebook#15507) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[a14e24efa](facebook/react@a14e24e )**: React Events: core API documentation (facebook#15505) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[8658611b6](facebook/react@8658611 )**: Event API: ensure event keys are unique + add validation (facebook#15501) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[d9839740e](facebook/react@d983974 )**: React events: remove unused types (facebook#15503) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[0b3431170](facebook/react@0b34311 )**: React events: fix press end event dispatching (facebook#15500) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[d1f667acc](facebook/react@d1f667a )**: Event API: follow up fixes for FocusScope + context changes (facebook#15496) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[c530639dd](facebook/react@c530639 )**: Minor code structure adjustments to the bundles.js file (facebook#15079) //<Kunuk Nykjær>//
    - **[ed36df46c](facebook/react@ed36df4 )**: add --watch mode to "yarn build" (facebook#15116) //<Alec Larson>//
    - **[793ef9b85](facebook/react@793ef9b )**: test(eslint-plugin-react-hooks): add coverage for unused custom hook (facebook#15130) //<Redmond Tran>//
    - **[d61da9387](facebook/react@d61da93 )**: test(accumulate): add test suite for accumulate function (facebook#15159) //<Jeffrey Berry>//
    - **[a187e9b5e](facebook/react@a187e9b )**: React Native: Allow Views to be nested inside of Text (facebook#15464) //<Adam Comella>//
    - **[f85aadefc](facebook/react@f85aade )**: ADD: disablePictureInPicture attribute for HTML5 videos (facebook#15334) //<Radu-Sebastian Amarie>//
    - **[1eb2b892d](facebook/react@1eb2b89 )**: give  `canUseDOM` with a possibility to be a constant (facebook#14194) //<FUJI Goro>//
    - **[de26d6dd3](facebook/react@de26d6d )**: typo fix (facebook#15493) //<shubham>//
    - **[64e3da286](facebook/react@64e3da2 )**: Event API: Add `FocusScope` surface (facebook#15487) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[3f058debc](facebook/react@3f058de )**: Event API: various bug fixes (facebook#15485) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[fb28e9048](facebook/react@fb28e90 )**: Add missing word to code comment for clarity (facebook#15443) //<Brendan McLoughlin>//
    - **[fa2fa3564](facebook/react@fa2fa35 )**: Experimental event API: adds context.isTargetDirectlyWithinEventComponent (facebook#15481) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[d3af2f2a5](facebook/react@d3af2f2 )**: Experimental Event API: add event component mount phase callback (facebook#15480) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[ce126fbb2](facebook/react@ce126fb )**: Fix priority inference of next level of work (facebook#15478) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[71c8759ce](facebook/react@71c8759 )**: Measure callback timeout relative to current time (facebook#15479) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[9c6ff136c](facebook/react@9c6ff13 )**: Remove timeout from performance flamegraph (facebook#15477) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[299a2714c](facebook/react@299a271 )**: Use stricter equality check (facebook#15474) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[017d6f14b](facebook/react@017d6f1 )**: Experimental Event API: add `rootEventTypes` support to event responders (facebook#15475) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[784ebd8fa](facebook/react@784ebd8 )**: Experimental event API: rework the propagation system for event components (facebook#15462) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[587676900](facebook/react@5876769 )**: React events: initial implementation of disabled prop (facebook#15458) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[59c7aef91](facebook/react@59c7aef )**: React events: add a test for focusable descendants (facebook#15457) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[0a8da3391](facebook/react@0a8da33 )**: React events: README update types and remove stopPropagation prop (facebook#15456) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[d584fcdc6](facebook/react@d584fcd )**: React events: use passive events where possible (facebook#15454) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[051513bfa](facebook/react@051513b )**: React Events: consolidate logic for Press event component (facebook#15451) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[cdfce1ad2](facebook/react@cdfce1a )**: React events: consolidate logic of Hover event component (facebook#15450) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[5857c89da](facebook/react@5857c89 )**: React events: extract common helper functions (facebook#15449) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[0b50fb29f](facebook/react@0b50fb2 )**: Include rootEventTypes in DOMEventResponderSystem stopPropagation tests (facebook#15433) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[1ae409d2c](facebook/react@1ae409d )**: React events: fix nested Hover components error (facebook#15428) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[c73ab39c1](facebook/react@c73ab39 )**: React events: make nested Focus work as expected (facebook#15421) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[4221565e1](facebook/react@4221565 )**: Cancel pending commit before starting on root //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[9ebe1768a](facebook/react@9ebe176 )**: Experimental Event API: Redesign event responder propagation (facebook#15408) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[a30e7d992](facebook/react@a30e7d9 )**: act() tests - Reuse and properly unmount containers (facebook#14974) //<Philipp Spiess>//
    - **[8cf963c6c](facebook/react@8cf963c )**: React events: ignore device buttons that aren't for primary interactions (facebook#15402) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[38bd570d4](facebook/react@38bd570 )**: Stop tracking bundle sizes (facebook#15404) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[3438e5ce8](facebook/react@3438e5c )**: Experimental Event API: Add Hover onUnmount support (facebook#15394) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[805e7f873](facebook/react@805e7f8 )**: React events: add unmounting to Focus (facebook#15396) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[543353a04](facebook/react@543353a )**: Experimental Event API: Remove "listener" from event objects (facebook#15391) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[9055e31e5](facebook/react@9055e31 )**: Replace old Fiber Scheduler with new one (facebook#15387) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[4e59d4f5d](facebook/react@4e59d4f )**: React events: add onHoverMove support (facebook#15388) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[de7590327](facebook/react@de75903 )**: Fix CI (facebook#15393) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[687e4fb6f](facebook/react@687e4fb )**: Bump scheduler version to 0.14.0 //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[45473c94c](facebook/react@45473c9 )**: React events: Press event fixes (facebook#15386) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[9672cf621](facebook/react@9672cf6 )**: Experimental Event API: adds `stopPropagation` by default to Press (facebook#15384) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[a9eff329c](facebook/react@a9eff32 )**: Remove TouchHitTarget SSR logic to prevent issues with mouse events (facebook#15381) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[c9841001b](facebook/react@c984100 )**: Experimental Event API: preventDefault handling for anchors (facebook#15383) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[c25c59c80](facebook/react@c25c59c )**: Apply the Just Noticeable Difference to suspense timeouts (facebook#15367) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[3e2e930d6](facebook/react@3e2e930 )**: Fixes a Flow type merge conflict (facebook#15378) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[7fc91f17c](facebook/react@7fc91f1 )**: React events: add onPressMove and pressRetentionOffset to Press (facebook#15374) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[dd9cef9fc](facebook/react@dd9cef9 )**: Experimental Event API: Add targets and responder utility method for finding targets (facebook#15372) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[c64b33003](facebook/react@c64b330 )**: Move EventTypes to ReactTypes (facebook#15364) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[4c78ac0b9](facebook/react@4c78ac0 )**: Track Event Time as the Start Time for Suspense (facebook#15358) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[875d05d55](facebook/react@875d05d )**: Include full error messages in React Native build (facebook#15363) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[1b2159acc](facebook/react@1b2159a )**: [React Native] measure calls will now call FabricUIManager (facebook#15324) //<Eli White>//
    - **[c7a959982](facebook/react@c7a9599 )**: [React Native] Add tests to paper renderer for measure, measureLayout (facebook#15323) //<Eli White>//
    - **[aece8119c](facebook/react@aece811 )**: Refactor EventComponent logic + add onOwnershipChange callback (facebook#15354) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[183d1f42e](facebook/react@183d1f4 )**: Fix: Measure expiration times relative to module initialization (facebook#15357) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[b4bc33a58](facebook/react@b4bc33a )**: Fix areHookInputsEqual method  warning params order (facebook#15345) //<砖家>//
    - **[29fb5862f](facebook/react@29fb586 )**: Move EventComponent state creation to complete phase + tests (facebook#15352) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[745baf2e0](facebook/react@745baf2 )**: Provide new jsx transform target for reactjs/rfcs#107 (facebook#15141) //<Ricky Vetter>//
    - **[81a61b1d1](facebook/react@81a61b1 )**: React events: add delay props to Press module (facebook#15340) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[4064ea9fa](facebook/react@4064ea9 )**: Experimental event API: Support EventComponent onUnmount responder callback (facebook#15335) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[4fbbae8af](facebook/react@4fbbae8 )**: Add full TouchHitTarget hit slop (experimental event API) to ReactDOM (facebook#15308) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[958b6173f](facebook/react@958b617 )**: Add delay props to Hover event module (facebook#15325) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[c3cc936da](facebook/react@c3cc936 )**: Add Hover,Focus,Press docs to REAMDE (facebook#15328) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[49595e921](facebook/react@49595e9 )**: [New Scheduler] Fix: Suspending an expired update (facebook#15326) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[b93a8a9bb](facebook/react@b93a8a9 )**: Experimental event API: refactor responder modules for lifecycle inclusion (facebook#15322) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[937d262f5](facebook/react@937d262 )**: React events: keyboard press, types, tests (facebook#15314) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[7a2dc4853](facebook/react@7a2dc48 )**: Allow DevTools to toggle Suspense fallbacks (facebook#15232) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[43b1f74c8](facebook/react@43b1f74 )**: Alternate fix for facebook#14198 //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[41aa345d2](facebook/react@41aa345 )**: Fix a crash in Suspense with findDOMNode //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[6d0effad7](facebook/react@6d0effa )**: Expose extra internals in FB build of react-dom/unstable-new-scheduler (facebook#15311) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[3a44ccefe](facebook/react@3a44cce )**: Fix feature flags react-dom/unstable-new-scheduler (facebook#15309) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[92a1d8fea](facebook/react@92a1d8f )**: mark react-events as private so we publish script skips it for now (facebook#15307) //<Sunil Pai>//
    - **[e5c59359c](facebook/react@e5c5935 )**: Prevent bundling of Node polyfills when importing TestUtils/TestRenderer (facebook#15305) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[73187239a](facebook/react@7318723 )**: writing unit tests in experimental event Drag API (facebook#15297) //<Behzad Abbasi>//
    - **[89064fe68](facebook/react@89064fe )**: Adds displayName to EventComponent and EventTarget (facebook#15268) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[fc6a9f1a1](facebook/react@fc6a9f1 )**: Add test for async event dispatching (facebook#15300) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[38fa84088](facebook/react@38fa840 )**: Experiemental event API - wrap async dispatched events (facebook#15299) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[4d5cb64aa](facebook/react@4d5cb64 )**: Rewrite ReactFiberScheduler for better integration with Scheduler package (facebook#15151) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[aed0e1c30](facebook/react@aed0e1c )**: await act(async () => ...) (facebook#14853) //<Sunil Pai>//
    - **[4c75881ee](facebook/react@4c75881 )**: Remove maxDuration from tests (facebook#15272) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[9307932fe](facebook/react@9307932 )**: Refactor event object creation for the experimental event API (facebook#15295) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[6a1e6b2f7](facebook/react@6a1e6b2 )**: Experimental event API: loosen EventTarget constraints and warnings (facebook#15292) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[f243deab8](facebook/react@f243dea )**: Add tests for Press responder event module (facebook#15290) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[296c4393d](facebook/react@296c439 )**: Add Press event prop types and fix a check in Safari (facebook#15288) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[4482fdded](facebook/react@4482fdd )**: Fix host context issues around EventComponents and EventTargets (facebook#15284) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[5ef0d1d29](facebook/react@5ef0d1d )**: Rename hover props in experimental event API and write unit tests (facebook#15283) //<Behzad Abbasi>//
    - **[9444a5472](facebook/react@9444a54 )**: Warn on nested EventTragets in experimental event API (facebook#15287) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[7f1f5ddc3](facebook/react@7f1f5dd )**: Rename press props in experimental event API (facebook#15263) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[2e02469fa](facebook/react@2e02469 )**: ReactNative's ref.measureLayout now takes a ref (facebook#15126) //<Eli White>//
    - **[1b94fd215](facebook/react@1b94fd2 )**: Make setNativeProps a no-op with Fabric renderer (facebook#15094) //<Eli White>//
    - **[08055a625](facebook/react@08055a6 )**: Fix Press module in experimental event API (facebook#15262) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[f4625f518](facebook/react@f4625f5 )**: Fix on(Long)PressChange events in experimental press event API (facebook#15256) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[a41b21770](facebook/react@a41b217 )**: Add additional event API responder surfaces (facebook#15248) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[700f17be6](facebook/react@700f17b )**: Fix longpress in experimental Press event module (facebook#15246) //<Nicolas Gallagher>//
    - **[5d336df70](facebook/react@5d336df )**: Allow for null targetFiber for root event handling (facebook#15247) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[c6f3524df](facebook/react@c6f3524 )**: Adds React event component and React event target support to SSR renderer (facebook#15242) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[c7a2dce50](facebook/react@c7a2dce )**: Disable JS urls at build level for www (facebook#15230) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[fb6b50871](facebook/react@fb6b508 )**: Update versions for 16.8.6 //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[1cfd25668](facebook/react@1cfd256 )**: Fix circular module imports causing file size increase (facebook#15231) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[669cafb36](facebook/react@669cafb )**: Adds experimental event component responder surfaces (facebook#15228) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[d8cb10f11](facebook/react@d8cb10f )**: Enabled warnAboutDeprecatedLifecycles flag by default (facebook#15186) //<Brian Vaughn>//
    - **[80f8b0d51](facebook/react@80f8b0d )**: Add part of the event responder system for experimental event API (facebook#15179) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[5c2b2c085](facebook/react@5c2b2c0 )**: Warn about async infinite useEffect loop (facebook#15180) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[8e9a013c0](facebook/react@8e9a013 )**: Release 16.8.5 //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[f33e5790b](facebook/react@f33e579 )**: eslint-plugin-react-hooks@1.6.0 //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[b1cccd1ed](facebook/react@b1cccd1 )**: Warn about setState directly in dep-less useEffect (facebook#15184) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[78f2775ed](facebook/react@78f2775 )**: Flip event passive logic on passiveBrowserEventsSupported (facebook#15190) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[f161ee2eb](facebook/react@f161ee2 )**: React.warn() and React.error() (facebook#15170) //<Brian Vaughn>//
    - **[78968bb3d](facebook/react@78968bb )**: Validate useEffect without deps too (facebook#15183) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[4b8e1641b](facebook/react@4b8e164 )**: Fork performWork instead of using boolean flag (facebook#15169) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[56035dac6](facebook/react@56035da )**: unstable_Profiler -> Profiler (facebook#15172) //<Brian Vaughn>//
    - **[31518135c](facebook/react@3151813 )**: Strengthen nested update counter test coverage (facebook#15166) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[66f280c87](facebook/react@66f280c )**: Add internal logic for listening to event responders (facebook#15168) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[b1a56abd6](facebook/react@b1a56ab )**: Fork ReactFiberScheduler with feature flag //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[45f571736](facebook/react@45f5717 )**: ReactFiberScheduler -> ReactFiberScheduler.old //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[c05b4b81f](facebook/react@c05b4b8 )**: Link to useLayoutEffect gist in a warning (facebook#15158) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[061d6ce3c](facebook/react@061d6ce )**: fix(react-dom): access iframe contentWindow instead of contentDocument (facebook#15099) //<Renan Valentin>//
    - **[b83e01cad](facebook/react@b83e01c )**: Adds more scaffolding for experimental event API (facebook#15112) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[daeda44d8](facebook/react@daeda44 )**: Follow up to 15150 (facebook#15152) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[acd65db5b](facebook/react@acd65db )**: Deprecate module pattern (factory) components (facebook#15145) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[55cc921c5](facebook/react@55cc921 )**: Adds react-events package for internal testing (facebook#15150) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[7ad738630](facebook/react@7ad7386 )**: Improve warning for invalid class contextType (facebook#15142) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[1e3364e76](facebook/react@1e3364e )**: Test that we don't suspend when disabling yielding (facebook#15143) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[42c3c967d](facebook/react@42c3c96 )**: Compile invariant directly to throw expressions (facebook#15071) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[df7b87d25](facebook/react@df7b87d )**: Warn for Context.Consumer with contextType (facebook#14831) //<Brandon Dail>//
    - **[2b93d686e](facebook/react@2b93d68 )**: Add more info to invalid hook call error message (facebook#15139) //<Jared Palmer>//
    - **[d926936f0](facebook/react@d926936 )**: Eager bailout optimization should always compare to latest reducer (facebook#15124) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[4162f6026](facebook/react@4162f60 )**: Add feature flag to disable yielding (facebook#15119) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[8d60bd4dc](facebook/react@8d60bd4 )**: [Shallow] Implement setState for Hooks and remount on type change (facebook#15120) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[035e4cffb](facebook/react@035e4cf )**: Change passive checker to use defineProperty (facebook#15121) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[b283d75c1](facebook/react@b283d75 )**: Support React.memo in ReactShallowRenderer (facebook#14816) //<Brandon Dail>//
    - **[f0621fe23](facebook/react@f0621fe )**: Use same example code for async effect warning (facebook#15118) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[52c870c8d](facebook/react@52c870c )**: Fix shallow renderer not allowing hooks in forwardRef render functions (facebook#15100) //<Sebastian Silbermann>//
    - **[f1ff4348c](facebook/react@f1ff434 )**: Don't suggest a function as its own dep (facebook#15115) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[371bbf36b](facebook/react@371bbf3 )**: Add infrastructure for passive/non-passive event support for future API exploration (facebook#15036) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[ab5fe174c](facebook/react@ab5fe17 )**: Don't set the first option as selected in select tag with `size` attribute  (facebook#14242) //<Mateusz>//
    - **[935f60083](facebook/react@935f600 )**: eslint-plugin-react-hooks@1.5.1 //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[0c03a4743](facebook/react@0c03a47 )**: Adds experimental event API scaffolding (facebook#15108) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
    - **[1204c7897](facebook/react@1204c78 )**: [eslint] Wording tweaks (facebook#15078) //<Sophie Alpert>//
    - **[9d77a317b](facebook/react@9d77a31 )**: Improve async useEffect warning (facebook#15104) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[103378b1e](facebook/react@103378b )**: Warn for javascript: URLs in DOM sinks (facebook#15047) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[5d0c3c6c7](facebook/react@5d0c3c6 )**: [Partial Hydration] Render client-only content at normal priority (facebook#15061) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
    - **[6a4a261ee](facebook/react@6a4a261 )**: Test suspended children are hidden before layout in persistent mode (facebook#15030) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[bc8bd24c1](facebook/react@bc8bd24 )**: Run persistent mode tests in CI (facebook#15029) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[3f4852fa5](facebook/react@3f4852f )**: Run Placeholder tests in persistent mode, too (facebook#15013) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[d0289c7e3](facebook/react@d0289c7 )**: eslint-plugin-react-hooks@1.5.0 //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[03ad9c73e](facebook/react@03ad9c7 )**: [ESLint] Tweak setState updater message and add useEffect(async) warning (facebook#15055) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[eb6247a9a](facebook/react@eb6247a )**: More concise messages (facebook#15053) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[197703ecc](facebook/react@197703e )**: [ESLint] Add more hints to lint messages (facebook#15046) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[6d2666bab](facebook/react@6d2666b )**: Fix ESLint rule crash (facebook#15044) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[9b7e1d138](facebook/react@9b7e1d1 )**: [ESLint] Suggest moving inside a Hook or useCallback when bare function is a dependency (facebook#15026) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[1e3b6192b](facebook/react@1e3b619 )**: Import Scheduler directly, not via host config (facebook#14984) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[5d49dafac](facebook/react@5d49daf )**: Enforce deps array in useMemo and useCallback (facebook#15025) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[a9aa24ed8](facebook/react@a9aa24e )**: 16.8.4 and changelog //<Brian Vaughn>//
    - **[fa5d4ee43](facebook/react@fa5d4ee )**: [ESLint] Treat functions that don't capture anything as static (facebook#14996) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[fd557d453](facebook/react@fd557d4 )**: Warn on mount when deps are not an array (facebook#15018) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[ce45ca9ba](facebook/react@ce45ca9 )**: Prettier //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[757a70b25](facebook/react@757a70b )**: ReactNoop.yield -> Scheduler.yieldValue (facebook#15008) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[9d756d903](facebook/react@9d756d9 )**: Revert facebook#14756 changes to ReactFiberScheduler (facebook#14992) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[f16442a10](facebook/react@f16442a )**: eslint-plugin-react-hooks@1.4.0 //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[e1e45fb36](facebook/react@e1e45fb )**: [ESLint] Suggest to destructure props when they are only used as members (facebook#14993) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[59ef28437](facebook/react@59ef284 )**: Warn about dependencies outside of render scope (facebook#14990) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[df7b4768c](facebook/react@df7b476 )**: [ESLint] Deduplicate suggested dependencies (facebook#14982) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[02404d793](facebook/react@02404d7 )**: Avoid dynamic dispatch for scheduler calls (facebook#14968) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[bb2939ccc](facebook/react@bb2939c )**: Support editable useState hooks in DevTools (facebook#14906) //<Brian Vaughn>//
    - **[69060e1da](facebook/react@69060e1 )**: Swap expect(ReactNoop) for expect(Scheduler) (facebook#14971) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[ccb2a8a44](facebook/react@ccb2a8a )**: Replace test renderer's fake Scheduler implementation with mock build (facebook#14970) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[53e787b45](facebook/react@53e787b )**: Replace noop's fake Scheduler implementation with mock Scheduler build (facebook#14969) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[3ada82b74](facebook/react@3ada82b )**: Allow extraneous effect dependencies (facebook#14967) //<Dan Abramov>//
    - **[00748c53e](facebook/react@00748c5 )**: Add new mock build of Scheduler with flush, yield API (facebook#14964) //<Andrew Clark>//
    - **[4186952a6](facebook/react@4186952 )**: Fixed incompatibility between react-debug-tools and useContext() (facebook#14940) //<Brian Vaughn>//
    - **[0b8efb229](facebook/react@0b8efb2 )**: Allow omitting constant primitive deps (facebook#14959) //<Dan Abramov>//
    [General][Changed] - React sync for revisions 8e25ed2...ec6691a
    Follow steps in the [React Native test plan](
    Reviewed By: shergin
    Differential Revision: D15171103
    fbshipit-source-id: d16b54dfd575b3a1fa38e6a132633f42c715b4fd
    # Conflicts:
    #	package.json
    #	yarn.lock
  6. 0.59.8-patch.3

    calebmer committed May 24, 2019
Commits on May 23, 2019
  1. Properly validate JS->native method calls (facebook#23658)

    aleclarson authored and calebmer committed Mar 5, 2019
    Between invalidating a bridge and suspending its JS thread, native modules may have their methods called.
    Only warn when a native module has been invalidated, which happens right before its JS thread is suspended.
    Avoid initializing a native module's instance if its bridge is invalidated.
    /cc fkgozali facebook@f945212#commitcomment-32467567
    [iOS] [Fixed] - Properly validate JS->native method calls
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#23658
    Differential Revision: D14287594
    Pulled By: fkgozali
    fbshipit-source-id: 89dd1906a0c55f3f48ba4ff220aac0cddf2eb822
    # Conflicts:
    #	React/CxxModule/
Commits on May 8, 2019
  1. Set scroll view throttle by default

    sahrens authored and grabbou committed Apr 5, 2019
    Setting the scroll throttle for every animated scrollview is a pain, and if you forget it's super janky and can be confusing and frustrating.
    Enables setting default props in createAnimatedComponent and uses it for scrollview.
    Reviewed By: TheSavior
    Differential Revision: D14790093
    fbshipit-source-id: dd8f6f6540813245e87d696351f09ebb2e6ed5f2
  2. Revert "React sync"

    grabbou committed May 8, 2019
    This reverts commit 5f00f4c.
  3. Revert "Downgrade Prettier"

    grabbou committed May 8, 2019
    This reverts commit b1c5937.
  4. Revert "Update lock"

    grabbou committed May 8, 2019
    This reverts commit 130a224.
Commits on May 7, 2019
  1. Fix HasteImpl Regex (facebook#24628)

    CaptainNic authored and grabbou committed May 6, 2019
    The jest HasteImpl's `pluginNameReducers` regex was not properly escaping a backslash, resulting in unintended behavior.
    The intent of the code is to strip the `.${name}` from the end of a filepath, where `name` is a platform name. The correct regex for that would be `^(.*)\.(myPlat)$`, but because the regex is being constructed from a string, the `\.` is being interpreted as an escaped period, resulting in the regex  `^(.*).(myPlat)$`. To correct this, the backslash needs to be escaped so it makes it into the regex.
    [General] [Fixed] - Fix HasteImpl platform name regex
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#24628
    Differential Revision: D15224468
    Pulled By: hramos
    fbshipit-source-id: 6eb507aa5410bdd7c247e6d301052d41995a2f11
Commits on May 6, 2019
  1. Fix sparse array handling in `EventEmitter#listeners()` (facebook#24546)

    ide authored and grabbou committed Apr 23, 2019
    Fixes a regression in facebook@1f8b46a. The internal subscription vendor uses a sparse array to track listeners, which makes listener removal fast. When querying listeners, the sparse entries need to be removed. `Array#filter` is a built-in way to do this -> linked to the JS spec, which explains this.
    [General] [Fixed] - Fixed sparse array handling in `EventEmitter#listeners()`
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#24546
    Differential Revision: D15044790
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: 0f1301618739357b4a0f5378b9584efe74f0f09a
  2. make sure onLayout calls _updateViewableItems immediately

    sahrens authored and grabbou committed Apr 17, 2019
    Makes sure `onViewableItemsChanged` fires ASAP when `waitForInterations` is false.
    This also works around another deeper bug where updates scheduled with `InteractionManager` aren't firing at all in some cases, and thus instead of just firing late, `onViewableItemsChanged` isn't firing until scroll which is not what we want with `waitForInterations: false`. That bug will require more digging.
    Differential Revision: D14984333
    fbshipit-source-id: 718b39670307c6bc16268759bdb513682745265d
  3. Fix metro websocket reconnect logic

    rickhanlonii authored and grabbou committed Apr 17, 2019
    This diff fixes the reconnect logic with the metro websockets which is causing the app to not re-connect when metro crashes. To demonstrate the issue, consider the following video:
    On the left we have metro, on the right is the xcode console with some logging to show the reconnecting phase. When we kill the metro server you can see the app tries to reconnect once and that's it - when metro is started back up, you can see the notification that there are no apps running and can also see that cmd+opt+r doesn't work anymore
    I updated the logic to optimistically start the connection and if it's still unavailable to retry again after the timeout
    [iOS][Fixed] - Metro websocket reconnect logic
    Reviewed By: shergin
    Differential Revision: D14961433
    fbshipit-source-id: 0569aa169dc9f538a7e4a8d04e99de39f2e9b3f9
  4. Fixed incorrect opacity behaviour for <Text> component on iOS (facebo…

    shergin authored and grabbou committed Apr 15, 2019
    This PR fixes facebook#24229.
    Seems currently `opacity` props for Text is being applied twice (one for text color and one for the whole view). This PR disables applying the prop to the text.
    [CATEGORY] [TYPE] - Fixed double applying opacity prop for Text
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#24435
    Differential Revision: D14932795
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: f9280fc75f788424cb5f1e42d2e79efdb354d645
  5. Fix: text shadow displays on iOS when textShadowOffset is {0,0} (face…

    Woodpav authored and grabbou committed Apr 11, 2019
    There is a problem rendering text shadows on iOS. If the offset of the text shadow is `{width:0,height:0}`, the shadow does not display. This prevents you from representing a light directly above the text. This occurs because a text shadow only renders if the offset is a non-zero CGRect `{width:0,height:0}`.
    My change checks `textShadowRadius` instead. If `textShadowRadius` is not nan then the user is rendering a text shadow. There are no situations to render a shadow without `textShadowRadius` making it a good variable to check.
    This PR fixes this stale issue: facebook#17277
    [iOS] [Fixed] - Text shadow now displays when the textShadowOffset is {width:0,height:0}
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#24398
    Differential Revision: D14890768
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: a43b96a4a04a5603eede466abacd95c010d053e5
  6. Add listener for non-value animated node (facebook#22883)

    osdnk authored and grabbou committed Apr 9, 2019
    [Changed][General] Move callback-related logic to `AnimatedNode` class in order to make it possible to add the listener for other animated nodes than `AnimatedValue`.
    I observed that native code appears to be fully prepared for listening not only to animated value but animated nodes generally. Therefore I managed to modify js code for exposing `addListener` method from `AnimatedNode` class instead of `AnimatedValue`. It called for some minor changes, which are not breaking.
    If you're fine with these changes, I could add proper docs if needed.
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#22883
    Differential Revision: D14041747
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: 94c68024ceaa259d9bb145bf4b3107af0b15db88
  7. Do not overwrite Object.freeze

    cpojer authored and grabbou committed Apr 4, 2019
    Summary: Now that React Native ships with a newer version of JSC, we do not need this code to wrap `Object.freeze` any longer.
    Reviewed By: mmmulani
    Differential Revision: D14779239
    fbshipit-source-id: 1a6e1a9c7f4312572bd08ba604fa8c9d6b1927e1
  8. Make KeyboardAvoidingView with behavior="height" resize on keyboard c…

    WaldoJeffers authored and grabbou committed Mar 22, 2019
    …lose (facebook#18889)
      Required: Write your motivation here.
      If this PR fixes an issue, type "Fixes #issueNumber" to automatically close the issue when the PR is merged.
    Fixes facebook#13754
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#18889
    Differential Revision: D14486115
    Pulled By: PeteTheHeat
    fbshipit-source-id: 7b8b4fa9d2c99fc5d6145fed4681afdc4bb14fb8
  9. Fix prop overrides of TouchableWithoutFeedback (facebook#23966)

    aleclarson authored and grabbou committed Mar 18, 2019
    Child props were being overridden by `<Touchable>` props even when the `<Touchable>` props were undefined.
    [General] [Fixed] - Prevent prop override by TouchableWithoutFeedback when undefined
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#23966
    Differential Revision: D14502918
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: 614ee43bbb6f062a98bd9318693807320979a016
  10. Resolve relative size rendering error in inspector (facebook#23804)

    gandreadis authored and grabbou committed Mar 13, 2019
    Currently, when relative sizes are given in margin or padding stylings (be it a percentage or an auto measure), the inspector crashes, due to frame rendering not properly handling those kinds of measurements. This PR adds a resolution step for them:
    * Percentages are evaluated relative to the window size.
    * I decided to simply not render `auto` margins/paddings, due to the complexities involved (e.g. when the margin is between multiple elements with relative sizes).
    Since the inspector does not crash anymore on relative sizes on paddings or margins, I believe that this addresses facebook#17496.
    Fixes facebook#17496
    [General] [Fixed] - Fix inspector rendering of relative margins and paddings
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#23804
    Differential Revision: D14437273
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: c9f0f71a2e1b2399a2b2148cef2124787703ead3
  11. make sure to check array bounds in VirtualizedSectionList (facebook#2…

    vonovak authored and grabbou committed Mar 4, 2019
    SectionList accesses items outside of the array bounds.
    This was discovered when using mobx, which warns you: `[mobx.array] Attempt to read an array index (${index}) that is out of bounds`. This is because `[itemIndex + 1]` goes beyond array length.
    This PR adds an array length check and simplifies the code a bit to avoid repetitive `this.props.`
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#23710
    Differential Revision: D14298557
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: fee3422ad5b053d91a097c5842f46e78a149c3d5
  12. Update _scrollAnimatedValue offset of ScrollViews. (facebook#19481)

    miyabi authored and grabbou committed Feb 26, 2019
    `_scrollAnimatedValue` offset of ScrollView is set once in `UNSAFE_componentWillMount` but it is never updated.
    It causes unexpected render result.
    So I suggest to update `_scrollAnimatedValue` offset when ScrollView contentInset is updated.
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#19481
    Differential Revision: D14223304
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: 4191cfcf6414adf3a0abd156517d5f9778565671
  13. Update network inspector to have smarter scroll stickiness (facebook#…

    AlanFoster authored and grabbou committed Feb 21, 2019
    When making use of the network inspector on a react-native app, it can be quite annoying that as new requests come in the network inspector instantly sticks to the bottom.
    This PR makes this logic smarter by allowing the user to be scrolled away from the bottom by two rows to override this automatic scrolling to the bottom logic.
    Pull Request resolved: facebook#21952
    Differential Revision: D14162762
    Pulled By: cpojer
    fbshipit-source-id: ad49858509dd74a817ebabab54fdacc99773bf22
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