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Instructions to set up the slides locally #1

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The PR doesn't merge cleanly because I had since edited the README. I consolidated the changes and merged this Pull request manually.

Thank you for the contribution!

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@@ -35,3 +35,28 @@ What is Object-Oriented Programming and Functional Programming and how can they
We'll also get started on some projects that you can do with your new Python skills.
+## Using this repository locally
+Make sure you have git installed on your computer, and open a terminal window.
+You'll need to clone this repository to your computer:
+ git clone
+reveal.js is stored as a git submodule. To set up the reveal.js code:
+ cd gdi-intro-python
+ git submodule init
+ git submodule update
+(Note: Some internet connections (including our class location) block SSH
+connections on Port 22. If you get an error running the above, edit
+``gdi-into-python/.git/modules/reveal/config`` and change the line
+``url = git://`` to
+``url =`` and run the above
+commands again.)
+To get the code running, run ``python`` from the gdi-intro-python
+Finally, navigate to ``http://localhost:8000/`` in your browser.
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