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Script to feed ProPresenter slides into OBS for lower thirds
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Uses the ProPresenter Stage Display websocket to feed current slide text into a OBS browser source lower third.

The original code was from and made for vMix.

In ProPresenter you must Enable Network and Stage Display App under preferences. Set a password under Stage Display App.

Rename config.js.example to config.js and update the values to match your environment. Use the port listed under Enable Network not the port under the Stage Display App. Use the password under Stage Display App.

In OBS, add a new browser source, check "Local File", navigate to index.html, then set width, height, and FPS to match your stream settings. Edit stylesheet.css to customize your lower thirds setup.

Set the slide notes to no-obs on a slide to prevent it from being sent to OBS (useful for slides with more text than you would want in a lower third).

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