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+text editor:
+tabbed files
+ Horizontal View Swiping with ViewPager?
+tree view for project files
+syntax highlighting
+automatic block indentation
+automatic close of blocks
+improved highlighting
+go to line
+go to definition if we've parsed something as a class or function or variable. At least open the right file.
+programmer's keyboard:
+special characters ()[]{}|!@#$%
+language selection
+ press and hold to change
+ autocomplete
+ change layout of special characters
+ $ is huge in php and perl, but no big deal in python
+shortcuts for select word, select line, delete line, go to line,
+ So how about a swype-key like thing.
+select key
+ one tap is the word
+ two taps for line
+ basically, what the mouse does but shift everything down one tap because we don't want to move the cursor with it.

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