Simple Ext JS 4.X CRUD demo app.
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Latest commit 35cbd2f Feb 24, 2012 Justin Noel Fixed Bug with form_data
Because error report was off by default, I was not seeing the bug others were seeing.

If a customers_id was provided on the customer_details GET request, there was no variable defined "$form_data->customer_name).  So, PHP would error out.

Signed-off-by: Justin Noel <apple@JUSTINs-MacBook-Pro.local>
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Simple MVC CRUD demo for ExtJS 4.X.

After assistance from skirtle (, was able to adjust the code to work in both 4.0.7 and 4.1b2.

This app is a demonstration of ExtJS MVC.  It uses a VERY simple php backend.  The backend uses sessions to manage adds, changes.  Again, this app is intended to demonstrate and learn ExtJS.  I am not trying to show how to create a PHP backend.

The primary working portion of this app is the "Customer Management" section.  You can add and edit customers.

The "Vendor Management" section does NOT work.  You will see a list of vendors.  However, you cannot add or edit vendors.  The "Vendor Management" section is just there to demonstrate the use of a tab panel.

1. Clone this repository to wherever you like.
    Example : /app
2. In your Apache webroot, create a symbolic link to /app/Ext-JS-4.X-CRUD-Demo
3. In /app/Ext-JS-4.X-CRUD-Demo  create a symbolic link to the 4.1b2 version of ExtJS
    Example : ln -s /app/ext-4.1.0-beta-2/ ext
4.  See "directory_structure.png" for example of directory setup.
5.  You should now be able to access the demo from your localhost in a browser.