A custom monitor for Redux DevTools to replay recorded Redux actions
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Redux Slider Monitor

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A custom monitor for use with Redux DevTools.

It uses a slider based on react-slider to slide between different recorded actions. It also features play/pause/step-through, which is inspired by some very cool Elm examples.

Try out the demo!


npm install redux-slider-monitor

Recommended Usage

Use with DockMonitor

<DockMonitor toggleVisibilityKey='ctrl-h'
  <SliderMonitor keyboardEnabled />

Dispatch some Redux actions. Use the slider to navigate between the state changes.

Click the play/pause buttons to watch the state changes over time, or step backward or forward in state time with the left/right arrow buttons. Change replay speeds with the 1x button, and "Live" will replay actions with the same time intervals in which they originally were dispatched.

Keyboard shortcuts

Pass the keyboardEnabled prop to use these shortcuts

ctrl+j: play/pause

ctrl+[: step backward

ctrl+]: step forward

Running Examples

You can do this:

git clone https://github.com/calesce/redux-slider-monitor.git
cd redux-slider-monitor
npm install

cd examples/todomvc
npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:3000