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Updated README.markdown to include simple instrcutions for setup.

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@@ -15,3 +15,21 @@ Requirements
* PHP 5.2+
* [Tropo Account and tokens](
+* Create a Tropo account
+* Create a Tropo application and choose to allow Tropo to host the files for you.
+* Move the two files from tropo_hosted_files to Tropo's server. One is for voice calls, the other for SMS.
+* Create application/configs/config.ini. Place your voice and text tokens in it. See example below.
+* Place Zend Framwork in the library directory
+* php bugU.php will show you the help file
+* Call a phone and say something
+ php bugU.php -n 1-615-555-1212 -p "This is a test" -t
+* Send a text message to a phone
+ php bugU.php -n 1-615-555-1212 -p "This is a test" -s
+Sample config.ini
+voice.token = "UngodlyLongStringofRandomCharactersGoesHere"
+sms.token = "UngodlyLongStringofRandomCharactersGoesHere"

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