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This currently a work in progress.

It isn't currently fully functional and a few files needed to run it are not yet in this repo.

You need to set gmail.rb to be executed on a schedule. If you aren't sure how to do that check the instructions below. Your arduino will also need to remain connected to your computer via the USB cable, I have not written this to be compatible with an ethernet shield arduino.


You can use launchd for this. Follow the steps below.

  • You will need to create a .plist file and save it to ~/Library/LaunchAgents. If LaunchAgents doesn't exist you'll need to create it. I've included a sample .plist file you can modify.

  • Once you've saved the .plist file you need to do the following command in terminal:

    launchctl load ~/Libary/LaunchAgents/org.caleywoods.gmailduino.plist

  • If you're uncomfortable with the above command you can also restart your computer to get the file loaded.


Follow the steps below.

  • Setup the gmail.rb file to be executed on your set schedule with cron. In a terminal you can type

    crontab -e

  • Create a job such as:

    0 * * * * USERNAME /path/to/gmail.rb

The above job sets gmail.rb to be executed every minute by the specified username.


Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Windows has scheduled tasks via control panel or through the AT command.

Creating something to run every minute is stupid on windows because it's harder than it should be.

  • In a command prompt type the following:

    at 00:00 path\to\file

  • This should create a scheduled task to run at midnight and execute your file, this is intential we're going to have to modify it in the gui.

  • Find the task scheduler on your machine and you should be able to locate your newly created task. Mine was called At1 but yours might end in a different number (it's the id of the task).

  • Right click the task and click "Properties" then go to the Triggers tab. Highlight the "One Time" trigger and click "Edit...."

  • Change it from "One Time" to "Daily" and to Recur every: 1 days.

  • Under the advanced settings section check the box "Repeat task every:" and then select 5 minutes from the dropdown and then select "Indefinitely" from the "for a duration of:" drop down list.

  • You can then click Ok and close out of the GUI, your script should now be set to execute every 5 minutes every single day.