Arduino project to check for new emails and display count on the touchshield slide
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##This currently a work in progress.##

It isn't currently fully functional and a few files needed to run it are not yet in this repo.

You need to set gmail.rb to be executed on a schedule. If you aren't sure how to do that check the instructions below. Your arduino will also need to remain connected to your computer via the USB cable, I have not written this to be compatible with an ethernet shield arduino.

###OSX### You can use launchd for this. Follow the steps below.

  • You will need to create a .plist file and save it to ~/Library/LaunchAgents. If LaunchAgents doesn't exist you'll need to create it. I've included a sample .plist file you can modify.

  • Once you've saved the .plist file you need to do the following command in terminal:

    launchctl load ~/Libary/LaunchAgents/org.caleywoods.gmailduino.plist

  • If you're uncomfortable with the above command you can also restart your computer to get the file loaded.

###Linux### Follow the steps below.

  • Setup the gmail.rb file to be executed on your set schedule with cron. In a terminal you can type

    crontab -e

  • Create a job such as:

    0 * * * * USERNAME /path/to/gmail.rb

The above job sets gmail.rb to be executed every minute by the specified username.

###Windows### #####Abandon all hope ye who enter here.######

Windows has scheduled tasks via control panel or through the AT command.

Creating something to run every minute is stupid on windows because it's harder than it should be.

  • In a command prompt type the following:

    at 00:00 path\to\file

  • This should create a scheduled task to run at midnight and execute your file, this is intential we're going to have to modify it in the gui.

  • Find the task scheduler on your machine and you should be able to locate your newly created task. Mine was called At1 but yours might end in a different number (it's the id of the task).

  • Right click the task and click "Properties" then go to the Triggers tab. Highlight the "One Time" trigger and click "Edit...."

  • Change it from "One Time" to "Daily" and to Recur every: 1 days.

  • Under the advanced settings section check the box "Repeat task every:" and then select 5 minutes from the dropdown and then select "Indefinitely" from the "for a duration of:" drop down list.

  • You can then click Ok and close out of the GUI, your script should now be set to execute every 5 minutes every single day.