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an app that aims to connect survivors of natural and/or man made disasters with their families.

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SOSMS is a twilio/rails powered web app that allows people to connect with family during emergencies.

How does this work?

Well, pretty simple really. Let's say there's a tornado that wipes out your town, Fooville. Your parents who live 8 hours away in Barbaz see on the news that Fooville has been devasted by a tornado and are instantly worried about you.

You, being the smart, tech saavy person you are just so happened to visit the SOSMS website a few months back and created an account with us. After creating said account, you added both your parents and your brother as contacts to be notified via voice/sms in the event you text our app. So...

From your aid station in Fooville you text "SAFE" to the SOSMS phone number and your contacts are all immediately notified via SMS or a phone call that you've checked in.

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