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YAML Configuration File

Next we're adding a YAML file that contains our Twilio information that
will be used later in ``app.rb``. If you don't have an account already
you can sign up for one on the `Twilio homepage <>`_.

Change the settings in this file to match your Twilio number, SID, and
token. ``app.rb`` is already setup to use the settings you place in
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1 parent 4b01b50 commit 22f21ecc67446cbbb0a81ea04c8df7e6b774547d @caleywoods committed
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4 config/config.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+# sign up on
+caller_id: "your_twilio_number"
+twilio_sid: "your_twilio_sid"
+twilio_tkn: "your_twilio_token"

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