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We're adding the README file which shows on the Github repo and explains what this
is and how to make it work.
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+What Is This?
+This code shows how use [Twilio]( with
+[Sinatra]( on [DotCloud](
+Sinatra provides a clean, classy DSL for doing simple applications and
+Twilio provides an __AWESOME__ REST API for doing cloud telephony. This
+demo just scratches the surface of what you can do with Twilio (and
+DotCloud really).
+To run this code on DotCloud, you need to [get a DotCloud
+account]( DotCloud has a
+free tier, so you won't even need to draw your wallet!
+Then clone this repository:
+ $ git clone git://
+And push it to DotCloud:
+ $ cd cloudsinger
+ $ dotcloud push cloudsinger
+Happy hacking! Remember: each time you modify something, you need to
+git add + git commit your changes before doing `dotcloud push`.
+How Does It Work?
+If you want to see how this sample app was built, we invite you to:
+* see the big picture with GitHub's awesome [compare view]( --
+ click on each individual commit to see detailed explanations for each step
+* if you prefer text mode (or offline inspection), fallback on
+ `git log --patch --reverse`
+* dive into [DotCloud documentation](, especially
+ the one for the [Ruby service](
+ which is used by this app.

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