Library of coffeescript/javascript code.
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Library of coffeescript/javascript code.

Very early code. You probably don't want to use it.

Run rake to fetch external dependencies.

Use coffee to compile, mocha to test, and rake to document.


API documentation is built via rake doc. Client side documentation can be found in doc/codo/index.html and server side in doc/yard/index.html.

Note: Most private code also has documentation but this is not included in the rake target. Run codo or yard directly with the appropriate flags, e.g., --private for the private documentation.


  • Heron.Util --- Routines, generally simple, used by multiple other components.
  • Heron.Comet --- Comet is a name of pushing messages from server to client. Heron.Comet is an implementation of this based on Ajax (client) and server threads (server). The server side consists a general component that could be used in any multithreaded ruby web server and a mixin for easy incorporation into Sinatra.
  • Heron.Dictionary --- Heron.Dictionary is a persistent and shared key-value store. It uses Heron.Comet along with its own server-side support.
  • Heron.Thingy --- Heron.Thingy builds a simple object oriented framework on top of Heron.Dictionary.
  • Heron.Vector --- Simple vector class (currently 2d) oriented at simplicity and speed. In particular, most operations mutate an operation rather than create a new vector.