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Commits on Jul 12, 2019
Commits on Jul 10, 2019
  1. RecruitBot first open-source Release

    thesephist committed Feb 6, 2019
    First draft of the boilerplate borrowed from thesephist/gemini + working API
    Add rough ability to add grades for submissions in the web UI
    Basic views for results and normalization of scores per grader
    Add full visibility into submissions, stateful routing, and deep links
    Add styles
    Style tweaks
    Add feedback in UI on save
    Normalize scores against the standard distribution
    Add a stats page
    Fix responsive design issues
    Complete authentication flow
    Fix out of bounds issues for app numbers in the UI
    Slight wording changes
    express-session maxAge is in miliseconds, so time update to reflect that
    Pass some linting tests
    Add sample config file
    Add the grading guide link
    Add some instructions for README
    Fix typos in README
    Fix typo that prevented grade inputs from being processed / clipped to bounds correctly
    Make the maybe-link check for highlighting links in the UI more stringent
    Do not attempt to parse links naively
    Normalize grades linearly
    Do not weight grades for less than 2 grades
    Add ability to cancel "go to number"
    When there is a server error during grade submission, alert the user
    Make the header bar appear over the rest of the page in the web UI
    Preserve formatting around newlines when displaying answers
    Add margins below line breaks in answers
    Adjust media query to go to small-screen layout at a larger size
    Add personalized results page
    Clicking on results should take the user to the submissions pageg
    Add list format of results
    Fix broken lists results
    Pass ESLint
    Persist session login information in a file
    Results page should not break for graders that have not graded all apps
    Switch submissions page title to be mor accurate
    Upgrade npm deps and fix typo sample config
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