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RELEASE NOTES for Calibre2Opds v4.0
Online documentation for Calibre2Opds can now be found at:
There is a link to this from the main Calibre2Opds GUI via the Help
button. It is also included in the Calibre2Opds catalogs at the top
level. User are encouraged to pass back suggestions for enhancments
to reflect their experience of using Calibre2Opds. Since the documentation
is organised as a wiki, users can also contribute their own input to
improve the documentation.
The #number type references in these notes refer to the bug number
entries for calibre2opds in the calibre2opds Issue register that is at:
The Calibre2Opds application is designed to make it easy to be
localized to languages other than English. However to do so, input
is required from those who can speak those languages to provide the
correct localization text. This is not a task that requires
programming skills, so users are encouraged to contribute their
expertise in this area. The details on how to go about this can be
found at:
Outstanding Feature Requests/Bug Reports
The items listed below are lnown bugs in the current release and new features
that are under consideration for future releases.
Nore detail can be found in many cases on the calibre2opds Issue register
( Note that the fact a feature is listed
here is not a committment that it will appear, but merely that it is under consideration.
User are encouraged to add comments to the relevant issues in the Issue Register on their views.
- Improve/Extend localizations.
- #c2o-26: Introduce a carousel mode for the book pages
- #c2o-29: Generate a recent books RSS-compatible catalog
- #c2o-38: Is it possible to generate a flat display for catalogues
- #c2o-48: Generate the full-text search HTML page dynamically
- #c2o-62: Unfriendly error message when problem with Search in custom catalogs
- #c2o-74: Goto Page option in HTML catalogs
- #c2o-76: Add context sensitive links to help (documentation)
- #c2o-82: Test option for Saved Searches/ Custom Catalogs
- #c2o-94: Trook compatibility (lack of Nook+Trook hindering investigation)
- #c2o-96: Add some runtime stats on Search database
- #c2o-100: Uninstall does not work under Windows 7
- #c2o-102: Advise user when Log file contains errors or warnings
- #c2o-103: Goodreads URL (by Goodreads ID when available)
- #c2o-105: Add a download link to the 'group' pages
- #c2o-107: Speed up All Books phase of catalog generation
- #c2o-115: Send to Readmill Library
- #c20-125: Add Publishers section to generated catalog
- #c20-139: Include the .opf files when copying the library in "Publish" mode
- #c2o-143: Allow the default book links to external sites to be localized
- #c2o-145: Option to avoid splitting books by letter within a tag
- #x2o-146: Improve Search facility for large libraries
- #c2o-156: Allow Calibre Custom Column values to be treated like additional tags
- #c2o-157: Allow Calibre Custom Column values to be used in calibre2opds search criteria
- #c2o-158: Improve performance by avoiding generating unchanged pages
- #c2o-165: Problem adding Custom Catalog entries (partially fixed)
- #c2o-173: Make authors, series and tags into active links in book details
- #c20-175: Set logging level via GUI
- #c2o-180: Indicate on completion dialog if warnings logged
- #c2o-189: Allow inclusion of only regex/wildcard tags to tag catalog
- #c2o-200: Improve GUI validation for Custom Catalogs
- #c2o-206: The CustomCatalog URL column changes are not registered when changing focus
- #c2o-230: Favicon for Library catalog URL
- #c20-243: Allow custom icons to be used with Custom Catalog entries
- #c2o-248: Allow logging level to be changed from within the GUI.
- #c2o-268: Upgrade ANTLR from v3 to v4
- #c2o-269: Allow Custom columns to be used in search/filter expressions
- #c20-274: Large white spaces appearing between paragraphs in the Book Details page
- #c2o-276: Upgrade to ANTLR 4
- #c2o-289: Change display About information
Any requests for new features should be made by adding them to the Issue Register,
but please look through the list above first to avoid unecessary duplication. If you
have a requirement that might need some new feature, but you are nor sure exactly what
that feature might be then it might be a good idea to first discuss them either in the
calibre2opds forum, or the "Related Tools" section of the Calibre forum
Release History
The following shows the Calibre2Opds releases in reverse chronological order (so that the most recent
is at the top) showing main changes and bug fixes. The bug number references are to those
that have been recorded in the Issue tracker.
Usefule links for tracking changes are:
Issue Register:
Change History:
v4.0 (in progress)
- Requires Java 8 or later
(depending on development timescale may raise rquirement to be Java 10)
- Upgrade Components used internally by Calibre2opds
maven 3.5.0 -< 3.5.3
junit 4.12 -> ? (not sure if going to mmove to JUnit 5)
log4j2 2.10 -> 2.11
# antlr 3.1.3->4.7.2 Major upgrade as Antlr3 is not directly source code comaptible with antlr4
v3.6 (16th april 2018)
- Requires java 7 or later
(builds up to rev 382 will work with Java 6 or later)
- Upgrade components used internally by calibre2opds{
log4j2 2.2 -> 2.3 This is the last version compatible with Java 6 and is in builds prior to rev 383
log4j2 2.3->2.10 Provides support for programatic configuration of logging, requires Java 7 or later
izpack 4.3.5->5.0.9 Platform independent installer
sqlitejdbc> The previous version failed on 32-bit linux systems (#c2o-270).
- New: #c2o-256: Option to suppress displaying Author in Book Details
- New: #c2o-257: Option to display size on download links in HTML catalog
- Fix: #c20-262: Download links in HTML catalog do not have 'Type' attribute specified
- New: #c2o-264: Add Hungarian Localisation (thanks to Gabor)
- New: #c20-265: Option to disable the Optimizer
- Change: #c2o-266: Do not display series number if it is set to 0
- New: #c2o-267: Add Romanian loclisation (thanks to Constantin)
- Fix: #c2o-270: sqlite-jdbc 3.8.7 has a serious bug on 32-bit linux systems.
- New: #c20-271: All Books sorting within author should be strictly by title
- Fix: #c20-273: Author icon missing on nested tag view
- Fix: #c2o-275: The "Home' button does not work on Book pages in the HTML catalog.
- Change: #c2o-277: Clicking download links display random text instead of downloading file
- Fix: #c2o-278: Incorrect sorting within tags section
- Fix: #c2o-279: Incorrect sorting within Series section
- Fix: #c2o-280: Stop the 'download' attribute' from being present in the XML version of the catalog
- Fix: #c2o-281: UNEXPECTED FATAL ERROR when processing Tags catalog
- Fix: #c2o-282: Optimizer active causes files to be omitted from zip of library
- Fix: #c2o-283: Assert failure when including images in catalog
- Fix: #c2o-284: Display glitches in HTML catalogs
- New: #c2o-285: Option to open custom links in Custom catalog External links in a new page
- Fix: #c2o-286: Change icon/image of confirmation popup after saving changes to configuration
- New: #c2o-287: Option to open external links in Book Rference Links in a new page
- New: #c2o-288: Option to open custom links in Custom catalog/External links in a new page
- New: #c20-290: Lithiuanian localisation (contributed by liutus)
- Fix: #c2o-291: GetSatisfaction forum discontinued
- Fix: #c20-292: Authors and Ratings section has no icon in custom catalogs
- New: #c20-294: Warnings/Error counts in log indicated on end-of-generation dialog
- New: #c20-293: GUI option to tell Calibre2opds to autocorrect case mismatchs in filenames
- New: #c20-293: Warning written to log if case mistmatch detected and correct option not set
v3.5 (20 October 2015) Rev 370
- Requires Java 6 or later
- Upgrade versions of components used internally by calibre2opds:
jdom 1.1 -> 2.0.6
junit 4.7 -> 4.12
log4j 1.1.2 -> log4j2 2.2 Major upgrade as log4j2 is not directly source code compatible with log4j
sqlitejdbc> 3.8.7
- Change: Choosing to use thumbnails as covers no longer forces resized cover images to be removed.
- Change: Removed option to minimize Changed Files as program logic now tries to do this anyway.
- Change: Performance Optimization to avoid generating HTML files that are known to be unchanged since last run
Provides nice performance boost to those who produce both XML and HTML catalog variants.
- Change: Recent Books->Today now has date to which "Today" applies added
- Fix: #c2o-242: Publish mode does not let you continue if the destination folder does not exist
- Fix: #c2o-244: Catalog folder text entry field is too small to show any text
- Fix: #c20-245: Localization not working properly
- Fix: #c2o-246: Inconsistencies in layout of lists in HTML catalog
- Fix: #c2o-247: ebook files should not be placed on target in Publish mode if downloads disabled
- New: #c2o-249: View older logging files
- New: #c2o-250: Get Confirmation before resetting to defaults
- New: #c20-251: Get confirmation before exiting with unsaved changes
- Fix: #c2o:252: The "Today" section in Recent books should be limited to the current calendar day
- Fix: #c2o-253: Hangs generating catalog (OSX)
- Fix: #c2o-254: Custom Catalog settings not changed when switching profiles
- Fix: #c2o-255: OpdsURL references in Custom catalogs are not change to .html ones for the HTML catalog
- Change: #c2o_258: Increase the Maximum allowed in Recent Books to 1000 (was500)
- Fix: #c2o-259: Build revision number no longer displayed (regression introduced during 3.5 betas)
- Fix: #c20-260: Calibre2opds .dmg not working on Mac
- Fix: #c2o-261: Changing HTML catalog to/from cover flow not always recognised
v3.4 (28th March 2015) Rev 340
- Change: Some of the filenames in the generated catalog have changed their structure. Not really visible to
users except that first run with this release may take slightly longer than expected during Copy phase
- Change: Checkbox for generating external links moved to tab defining them as more logical place.
- Change: Search is now deprecated as it is based on a HTML5 database capability that did not make it through the
standardixation process. Gives error message on browsers that do not support the database capability.
- Change: Improved German Localization (thanks to Kai Raven)
- Change: Progress dialog now properly centered on main Calibre2opds window rather than top left being entered
- Change: Initial dialog now centered on the screen.
- New: Option to view File Sync log added to Tools menu. Can help with debugging caching issues.
- New: When generating the active step is now highlighted in the progress dialog in Red to make it more obvious
- Fix: A Null pointer error if title_sort not set (should not be possible with current Calibre releases)
- Fix: #c2o-86: Incorrect Mime type for FB2 files (actually fixed by #c2o-93)
- New: #c2o-90: Make Custom Catalogs setting easier to edit manually in XML
- New: #c2o-93: Make supported formats and Mime type extendable by users. Details of how to do this at:
- Fix: #c2o-204: Problem navigating to author from an author series in HTML catalog
- Fix: #c2o-205: Destination folder uses Default value instead of the per-profile one
- Change: #c2o-207: Show current profile DisplayName in the program window's title
- New: #c2o-208: Add rel="prev" links on the XML files and back to previous page on HTML files
- New: #c2o-209: Add a "boolean" column to promote selected custom searches/external URL before internal ones
- Fix: #c2o-210: If the loaded Profile is renamed then it should be reloaded.
- New: #c2o-212: Option to sort books within a tag by author and then title
- New: #c2o-213: Option to suppress split-by-letter within a tag
- Fix: #c2o-214: Cross links for author do not work if Authors catalog not generated
- New: #c2o-215: Provide more control over which cross-reference types should be generated
- Fix: #c2o-216: Cannot change value for Maximum entries in recent catalog
- fix: #c2o-217: Wrong default location for creating new Configuration folders
- New: #c2o-218: Add support for DJVU downloads
- Fix: #c2o-219: Problem with relative links in generated tags pages when using SplitTagsOn option
- Fix: #c2o-220: Problem in tag pages with titles, beginning with numbers
- New: #c2o-222: Sorting of series should ignore initial articles
- Fix: #c2o-223: Image files are not referenced via Books URL when it is specified
- Fix: - #c2o-224: "Tags to omit from Tags catalog" ignores "Lang:" tags when "Language as Tag" is checked
- Fix: #c2o-225: "Do not include the 'About calibre2opds' entry" should also omit credits at the bottom of index.html
- Fix: #c2o-226: GUI screen size is too tall on 768 pix screens with Windows taskbar unhidden (see also #c2o-232).
- Fix: #c2o-227: New "Custom Fields to include in Book Details" option is only activated after restart
- Fix: #c2o-228: Fields in "Custom Fields to include in Book Details" option should be bold in the generated book details page
- Fix: #c2o-229: Spacing between fields in Book details should be reduced
- fix: #c2o-231: Split tags doesn't work
- New: #c2o-232: Save Window Size between runs. Helps with usability on lower resolution screens.
- Fix: #c2o-233: Running in Batch Mode with a Specific Profile not working
- Fix: #c2o-234: Image files omitted from ZIP of catalog
- Fix: #c2o-235: New image size not respected when generating images
- Fix: #c20-236: Unexpected fatal error when generating Series with * for tags that get additional level
- Fix: #c20-237: Delete button not working in Custom Catalogs tab
- Fix: #c2o-238: Do not generate resized covers' option is sometimes ignored
- Fix: #c2o-239: Locale related crash if running under Java 8.
- Fix: #c2o-241: Calibre3opds always fails the first time it is run on anew system
v3.3 (1st April 2014) Rev 274
- Change: Resized cover and thumbnail images are no longer generated as a specific phase,
but are instead generated (if required) when creating the book details page
- New: #c2o-63: Allow for authors to be displayed like in Calibre
- New: #c2o-109: Improve navigation links in pages
- New: #c20-144: Remove redundant folder names in relative links
- New: #c2o-147: Option to suppress selected tags in tags sub-catalog
- New: #c2o-155: Allow Calibre Custom Column values to be displayed in Book Details
- New: #c2o-160: Allow Books to be on a different URL to the catalog
- Fix: #c2o-161: The "Language as Tag" value being inverted when saved
- New: #c2o-162: Option to Include cover images within the catalog
- Fix: #c20-163: If you do multiple generation runs without reloading calibre2opds the catalogs are not correctly generated.
- New: #c2o-164: Option to Publish only the generated catalog in Publish mode when Books URL specified
- Fix: #c2o-166: HTML Downloads not generated if OPDS catalog not being generated
- Fix: #c2o-167: Option to Save bandwidth no longer makes sense so removed it
- New: #c2o-168: Omit counts from internal links when Minimize Changed Files selected
- New: #c2o-169: Option to exclude tags from cross-reference links
- New: #c2o-170: Provide direct links from a list of books to the related authors in HTML catalogs
- Fix: #c2o-171: Publication date does not show up in the book details page
- Fix: #c20-172: Dmg Release of Mac OSX broken.
- Fix: #c2o-174: Invalid catalog generated if Encrypt filenames selected
- Fix: #c2o-176: New thumbnails and resized covers not copied until next run in Publish mode
- Fix: #c2o-177: Link to top level incorrect if Books URL is specified.
- Fix: #c2o-178: Setting for including tags in cross-references toggle between runs
- New: #c2o-179: Prefix all files that Calibre2opds adds to Calibre library with c2o_
- Fix: #c2o-181: Setting for HTML Downloads not being correctly loaded/saved
- Fix: #c2o-182: Browse by Cover mode not working
- Fix: #c2o-184: Leaves droppings in /var/tmp
- Fix: #c2o-185: Silent batch mode does not work on Windows
- Fix: #c2o-186: Problem when author surname shorter than value of split-by-letter level
- Fix: #c2o-187: Option for destination to only be catalog in Publish mode disabled
- New: #c2o-188: Allow custom external URLs
- Fix: #c2o-190: Display author/book title sort fields don't work
- Fix: #c2o-191: Tags to omit is not working properly
- Fix: #c2o-192: Broken links for omitted tags in Book Details
- Fix: #c2o-193: Publish date as year not working
- New: #c2o-194: Localization for Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR, UTF-8)
- Fix: #c2o-195: Generating recent catalog leads to stackoverflow
- New: #c2o-196: ZIP version of the catalog
= Fix: #c2o-197: Unable to add a new custom catalog entry (in 3.3 beta)
- Fix: #c2o-198: Allow Relative URL's to be used for Custom catalogs.
- Fix: #x2o-199: Custom Catalog entries not logged correctly
-.Fix: #c2o-201: 3.3 beta rev 272; 404 error select 'next page'
v3.2 (released 6th October 2013)
- Change: Documentation moved back to wiki on MobileRead as it is easier to maintain than is the case on WordPress.
Using a wiki also allows for users to update it directly which should help with improving the documentation.
- Change: Reworked the way that filenames within the catalog are derived. Should mean that filenames are shorter
and less cryptic. However invalidates any cached names from earlier releases.
- Change: Reworked way the 'encrypt' files option is handled. When active an 'encryption string' is
added at the start of folder/file names only - but the remainder of names is same as unecrypted versions.
- Change: Improvements to run.cmd and rungui.cmd for handling 32-bit Java on 64-bit Windows
- Change: Changed the way progress text messages are derived so should be more meaningfull.
- New: Added counts to some of the generation progress lines where it made sense (authors, tags, series etc)
- Fix: #c2o-18: Re-organise GUI fields amongst the various tabs
(in particular move Featured Books fields to Custom Catalogs tab)
- Fix: #c2o-59: Use Calibre library_sort field when sorting books
- Fix: #c2o-66: Custom catalog tab not correctly reset on switching profiles
- Fix: #c2o-85: Sorting in the All Books catalog should ignore case
- Fix: #c2o-91: Setting catalog folder to root (/) is not treated as an error
- New: #c2o-97: Context sensitive help on configuration tabs
- New: #c2o-108: Omit download section for books with no available download
- Fix: #c2o-110: Remove the display of the "Stop catalog generation Button" while other dialog displayed on top
- Fix: #c2o-111: The "All Books" section within an author not sorted alphabetically
- New: #c2o-112: Do not delete .htaccess files from generated catalog
- Fix: #c2o-113: Tags have square brackets added in Book Details
- Fix: #c2o-114: Language is ignored when running on command line (cli)
- Fix: #c20-116: Improvements to German localization (thanks to Venia.Legendi)
- New: #c2o-117: Include year in Recent sub-catalog entries
- New: #c2o-120: Remove option to Exit from the confirm dialog displayed after pressing Save
- New: #c20-121: Add links to Localization and customization guides to Help menu
- New: #c2o-122: Allow more control over contents of Book Details pages.
- Fix: #c2o-123: Not handling missing file
- Fix: #c2o-128: Not Reading Ratings
- Fix: #c2o-130: prc format crashed calibre2opds
- Fix: #c2o-133: Add support for Kindle KF8 and AZW3 formats
- Fix: #c2o-134: Wrong sorting of list of authors/title with accent
- Fix: #c20-135: CALIBRE2OPDS_CONFIG Environment variable used incorrectly
- Fix: #c2o-140: Help URL's do not point to latest documentation
- Fix: #c2o-141: The 'Open Log File' option does not work on Windows 8
- New: #c2o-142: Allow the book links to external sites to be localized
(implemented for GUI defauls - not yet made book language specific)
- New: #c2o-147: (partial for Language) Option to suppress selected tags in tags sub-catalog
- Fix: #c2o-148: Catalog generation crashes 3.2 RC (r206)
- New: #c2o-149: Added an option to clear encrypted filenames cache to Tools menu
- Fix: #c2o-150: Bug 3.2 rev206M - java.lang.NullPointerException: null
= Fix: #c2o-151: Incorrect index link
- Fix: #c2o-152: Catalog generation causes crash. v. 3.1 rev170M and v3.2 Release Candidate (rev 206)
- Fix: #c2o-153: Crash during Copy if Calibre has altered book author/title during run
- New: #c2o-154: Allow the user to decide if language should be treated like a tag
- Fix: #c2o-159: A value for Maximum Books Summary length of -1 is not being treated correctly
- Fix: #c2o-51: Crash while generating covers if image file bad
- Fix: #c20-77: It was possible to set the Destination folder field on new installations in default mode
- Fix: #c2o-78: Windows 7 64-bit systems do not set up Java location
- New: #c2o-79: All Input fields in GUI now have tooltips associated with them
- New: #c2o-80: Manage Profiles dialog now supports adding a new profile as well as rename and delete
- Fix: #c2o-81: Generation fails if no books in the library have their series values set
- Fix: #c2o-88: Disable any split-by-letter for Series within an author
- Fix: #c2o-87: XML catalog title should be the "Catalog Title" as set in the settings
- New: #c2o-95: Option clear log files added to Tools menu
- New: #c2o-98: Link to Issue Register added Help menu
- New: #c2o-99: Link to support forum added to Help menu
- New: #c2o-101: Link to User Guide and Developer Guide added to Help Menu
- Fix: #c2o-104: Problems with Self and Next links when pagination active. Also pagination links can be brolen.
- Change: Removed some split-by-letter options that did not really make sense:
Books within a Series (we now never split these by letter)
Books within an author (we now never split these by letter)
Series within an Author (we now never split these by letter)
- Change: Moved options for open log file and config folder to Tools menu
This is a major new release as is reflected by the list of changes shown below
- New: OPDS 1.1 compatibility
- New: Experimental support for creating and using a search index in HTML catalogs
- New: support for Featured Books sub-catalog
- New: Support for custom catalog sections (based on Calibre searches)
- New: Support for including links to external catalogs
- New: Current profile now displayed on main screen
- New: Support for suppressing the generation of the Recent Books sub-catalog.
- New: Support for suppressing the generation of the Authors sub-catalog.
- New: Support for suppressing the generation of the Series sub-catalog.
- New: Support for suppressing the generation of the Recent Books sub-catalog.
- New: Support for controlling whether Series information shown in Book Details
- New: Support for controlling whether Tag information shown in Book Details
- New: Support for controlling whether Publisher information shown in Book Details
- New: A catalog generation run that has started can be cancelled
- New: Use Calibre style searches in a number of places.
- New: Maximum length of books summary can now be specified
- New: Split by letter now splits to further levels.
- New: Option to Control maximum number of levels for Split By letter
- New: #751211: Allow use of External icons for catalog sections
- New: Reset options added for URL's used for book external links
- New: #c20-49: Improve navigation consistency in HTML catalogs
- New: German Localization
- New: User supplied Resource files can be used. In particular this will allow for
customization of the look-and-feel aspects of the HTML catalogs.
- Change: Internal logging improved. This should help with diagnosing faults
- Change: Series DisplayName/number is now at start of Books summary
- Change: Icons used are now higher resolution and this look better on high quality screens
- Change: Special compatibility modes removed. Stanza which was main driver for this feature
is now effectively a defunct product (and the 3.2 release works with OPDS comaptibility).
- Change: Replace the settings for the tags to be included with the new Calibre filter feature.
- Change: Improvements to home folder redirection. Detail now logged when used.
- Fix: #806869 Russian text in comments field not displayed correctly
- Fix: #831976 Accented characters not displaying correctly in comments
- Fix: #836797 Null pointer exception trying to run calibre2opds in commandline mode.
- Fix: #840830 Command line not working in Windows
- Fix: #c20-56 Fix handling of multiple authors in OPDS catalogs
- Fix: Missing catalog.xml file in Nook/Trook mode
- Fix: Books summaries were not being displayed in book lists in HTML catalogs
- Fix: Ensure temporary files deleted even if fatal error during generation.
- Fix: Many other small bug fixes. In particular ones that caused fatal errors during
generation are now trapped wherever possible and the run allowed to continue
after logging details about the issue.
v2.5 beta 1 (NOTE: it has now been decided to label the next release as 3.0 and not 2.5)
- New: #826209: Allow suppression of resized cover generation - use calibre cover directly
- New: #826211: Allow suppression of thumbnail generation - use calibre cover as thumbnail
- New: added completion times to each phase in Progress dialog to improve feedback
- Fix: #826007 If no comments present, then Book_XXX.html and Book_XXX.xml files empty
- New: Reset option added to fields on External Links tab to get back the default values
(in case you make a mistake editing it and have forgotten what the starting point was)
- New: Any of the external links can be suppressed by setting the relevant URL field to empty.
v2.4 Final Released
v2.4 Beta 5
- New: GUI tab added for customizing external links
- Fix: #772538 NullPointer after saying No to Exit dialog
- Fix: #773549 Covers not copied on first pass
- Fix: #772784 Regression - Invalid series link in book details
- New: #783401 Option to suppress generation of Tags section of the catalog.
- New: option to use external icon files
(will also fix #751211 Kindle Browser does not display icons)
- New: Option to not split Author's books by letter.
- Change: Move Download links above cover image in HTML catalogs to improve usability on devices like Kindle.
(would like feedback on how well this works)
2.4 Beta 4
- Fix: A number of cases where specific combinations of data
In the Calibre database could cause Null pointer errors.
- New: logging enhancements to improve usability when
attempting to diagnose problems
- New/Fix: #716917: Option to not split series books by letter
- New: #717113: Publication date can be limited to year
- New: Configuration (home) folder and log file can now be
accessed via the Help Menu
- New: HTML catalogs now have an option for a new 'Mobile' look
for low resolution screens (e.g. phones)
(thanks to Farid Soussi for this development)
- New: Option to only generate an HTML catalog (i.e. no OPDS
- Fix: #716923: Recent catalog now properly split on calendar day
- Fix: #716558: Timezone now considered for "Date Added" sections
- Fix: #732821: Thumbnails were missing first time catalog
generated after adding a book
- New: #732814: Support for CBZ files
- New: #725625: Support for CHM files
- New: #723600: New option to only write out changed catalog files
- Fix: #723340: Changes to launch script on Windows to work
around common user errors in Java setup
2.4 beta 3
- Fix: problem with the installer not installing the tidy jar
- New: Improved user interface feedback
2.4 beta 2
- Fix: #677744 HTML tags in Comments field are displayed as text
- New: Improved logging support
- New: Support for .redirect feature for calibre2opds home folder
2.4 beta
- New: The DisplayName of the top level file is now index.html/index.xml
(used to be catalog.html/catalog.xml)
- New: The All Books catalog can optionally be sorted by Series
- New: Epub Files metadata can be automatically updated to match
Calibre database.
- New: First attempt at Italian and Spanish Localisation.
Currently only partial. See:
- Fix: #601190 Can't seem to ignore noise words in titles and
series names
- Fix: #632163: Behavior of "When browsing by cover, do not split
by letter"
- Fix: #655081 Not using Calibre sort value from Authors table
- Fix: #631938 "This book on Goodreads" link is broken
- Fix: #645306 series index should not be limited to integers
- Fix: #615733 Wrong date in Recent Books
- Fix: #640339 Blank lines in the comments/description are
omitted in the conversion to the OPDS catalogue.
- New: #557276 Unordered Series support (Series Number of 0)
- New: #577208 Add a max. cover size option
- New: #632438 Add and amazon links
- New: #652590 catalog can include cbr format
- Change: Online documentation at updated to reflect 2.3 release.
- Change: Removed the use of https:// style links. No longer
needed as was only to get a Javascript library.
- New: Configuration profiles to help with saving and re-using
parameter sets
- New: Compatibility mode added to allow for deviations from OPDS
standard for Stanza and Trook.
- New: Performance improvements to reduce file I/O. Should be
particularily noticeable if library on network drive.
- New: When a step is skipped, the checkbox is now set in the
progress dialog
- New: Added script files for launching gui manually
- New: Thumbnails now use JPEG files instead of PNG files.
These tend to be much smaller.
- New: Bug #542735 Add "All Books" under Author. 'All Books'
entry now listed as first entry under an author ahead of
any series
- New: Bug #557287 Catalog cross-references
Rewrote the subcatalogs engine to allow for embedded
levels (happy birthday Dave ;)
- New: ZIP install package for cases where installer does not
work properly (e.g. Windows 64-bit)
- Fix: Installer bug for setting up GUI launch on Linux.
- Fix: Reset namespace to Atom and added the OPDS namespace as
well (should solve Aldiko's problems) (related to #596358)
- Fix: corrected a bug : when checking the "include books with no
file" checkbox, a null pointer exception occured in
- Fix: Problem with incorrect mime type for cover images
- Fix: Bug #578839 The target path is not saved when using
direct entry
- Fix: Bug #592161 Generated catalog no longer works with Aldiko
- Fix: Bug #595053 crash while generating thumbnails
- Fix: Bug #596358 OPDS Catalog namespace must be used only for new OPDS Catalog elements
- Fix: Bug #578298 Suppress Ratings being added to book titles
- Fix: Bug #599770 When there are multiple formats for a book, there should be an option to only include the first one in the catalog
- Fix: Bug #578836 Error in the "skip author page" option
With this option selected, no author page is generated, and therefore the cross-catalogs links are dead...
- Fix: Bug #588356 Crash while generating the tags catalog (Java exception)
- Fix: Bug #577526 Some authors listed by DisplayName, instead of by Author_Sort
2.2.0 - started using data:// scheme again (lot faster)
- the thumbnails are generated in the book folder
- a new Nook specific mode !
- added the GUI elements for the Nook specific mode
- changed the mimetypes for Nook compatibility
- in Nook mode, the database folder and the catalog inside it are copied to the destination (recursively, with a date check on each file)
- added publisher, at Jane's request
- added a NAS specific mode
- it's possible to generate a catalog on a NAS or a Nook and to make a copy of it in the Calibre directory (there's an option for that)
- corrected bug 552836 (Lastname, firstname authors display incorrectly)
- user can directly edit the target and database directories locations
- modifed the GUI a bit, to make the device mode setting clearer
- added a warning at start, when the configuration is about to be reset
- the options that are read-only, because of the mode, are disabled but not hidden
- uses the new OPDS namespace (
- produces full entries for books (but still also full entries in catalogs, for Stanza does not know how to handle partial entries)
- generates a separate HTML page for each book, accessible by clicking on the thumbnail in the catalog (for non-javascript browsers)
- implemented feature request 570253 (add a "browse by cover" mode to the HTML catalogs)
- implemented feature request 570255 (make a catalog of authors, split by letter, but skipping the actual authors list)
- in the ratings catalog, the books lists are not split by letter anymore
- corrected a bug where the temp folder was not deleted on exit
- updated the catalogs to the latest OPDS standard version
- moved the log file to $user.home/.calibre2opds/
2.1.1 - corrected Brian's DisplayName ;)
- removed the useSecureConnections as it was used only for jQuery, and there is no more jQuery
- the CLI version no more has command line options, but uses the configuration file
- Now create install.exe package for handling UAC correctly on Windows 7/Vista
- GPL license upgraded to be v3
- Release notes displayed at end of install process to improve chances of users reading them!
- Documentation section on developing for Calibre2Opds added for those who might be interested.
- corrected bugs 562877 and 542560 regarding the authors names
- corrected bug 549583 ("books" used instead of "tags")
- corrected bug 542592 (sorting the authors list)
- corrected bug 550217 (change the labels of the "recent books" entries, and set the label of the "today" one to the current date)
- corrected bug 557193 (omit 'By;' from author names line)
- corrected bug 556379 (add Tags, Series info to Comments field)
- corrected bug 568802 (sub-Dividing by Letter under Recent Books)
- integrated the latest changes to the HTML catalogs (thanks Brian)
2.1.0 - modified the layout of the GUI to make it better on small, wide screens (e.g. macbooks)
- replaced the thumbnail links with the old value (was correct, according to OPDS spec)
- corrected the bug : links not generated correctly in the bottom of the HTML catalog
- refactored the catalog generation : breadcrumbs, page numbering in the title, summary and titles of the subcatalogs elements, and no more "don't mix books and containers" option
- book titles are capitalized and trimmed
- added an option "maxsummarylength" to set the maximum size of the summary list (if the summary list exceed this length, it is replaced by a default summary containing the number of items and pages)
- secure file manager is now faster
- added an "about Calibre2Opds" entry to the main catalog
- the authors lists now show the authors as LastName, FirstName
- added the ratings catalog and added the rating to the book titles
- added an option "tagstoexclude" to set a list of tags that will be excluded
- corrected a bug in the tag catalog : when removing unneeded levels, the tags have to be renamed or a part of the DisplayName will miss
- added options to disable the "Ratings" and "All books" catalog
- added a Help button to the GUI
- moved the thumbnails into a subfolder
- the data model is preloaded before the catalogs are generated (removes the overhead on the first generated catalog)
- added a "don't use split tags" checkbox so it's easier to disable this option (and corrected a GUI bug, too : text field was not editable)
- added a "reset to defaults" button
- optimized the code a bit
- changed the CSS for HTML catalogs : links are not underlined anymore
2.0.2 - corrected the bug : missing thumbnails in the HTML catalogs
- corrected the bug : program stuck in the tags catalog in large libraries
2.0.1 - corrected a bug with the generation of thumbnails (they were generated but not referenced in the catalogs, on first run)
- corrected a problem with the books written by more than one author
- added a generation date to the OPDS (set the "do not optimize bandwith") and HTML catalogs (always there, regardless of the option)
- internationalized the info text at the bottom of the main HTML page
- added an option to use HTTPS in the external links
- added an option to specify a tag that assigns a language to a book ; this is used to sort in a language dependent way
- enhanced the sorting and splitting of the authors (case insensitive sort, spaces do not count)
- changed the file naming scheme to generating random filenames (which are kept from one run of the program to the next, nonetheless) ; use --nocryptfilenames if you don't like it
- the author pages now contain links to the series to which this author has contributed
- corrected the thumbnail links for true OPDS (Aldiko)
- added an option to list only books with a specific tag
- added an option to disable the creation of external links
- added an option to disable the creation of cross-reference links
- solved the problem with the authors whose DisplayName contains pipe characters ('|')
introduced the new graphical user interface, and the configuration file
1.0.9 - yet another regression bug : paths were again encoded with %2F instead of /
1.0.8 - regression bug correction : recent books were not populated
1.0.7 - updated the code and the prerequisites to make calibre2opds run with Java 1.5
- added a link to calibre2opds.css in the XML files to help itimpi in his research
- added the page numbers when paginating, and replaced the "next page" link in the HTML catalogs with a CSS button
- corrected a bug : if the book folder in Calibre contained a / character, it would be encoded as a %2F in the book URLs, choking some browsers/web servers...
- added navigation "breadcrumbs" in the HTML catalogs
1.0.6 - corrected a regression bug in the HMTML catalog generator (download links and program version were missing)
1.0.5 - corrected a bug : when a recent books subcatalog is split by letter, the links to letter subcatalogs are broken
- modified the HTML pages to make the popup menus work in IE (this time it should work)
- books with no file attached can be included in the catalog by using the --includeemptybooks option
- the books ids are now generated by using the uuid included in the Calibre database (they will be really unique now)
1.0.4 - corrected a bug : link to picture is missing from the thumbnail link (the OPDS one, not Stanza's)
- corrected a bug : books for an author or a tag were not sorted by title
- made the icons true png files to save space
- changed the localization class to make it use UTF-8 files
- modified the HTML pages to make the popup menus work in IE (thanks Jens !)
1.0.3 - corrected a problem in the URLs : the / were escaped when it was not necessary
- corrected a bug : the parameter specifying the calibre folder was not read correctly
- the authors list was not split nor sorted by last DisplayName but by first DisplayName
- updated the readme.txt with the information of the FAQs
1.0.2 - corrected a NullPointerException bug when a book has no author
- books sorted by letter were then sorted in reverse alphabetical order
- added branding to the project
1.0.1 - added the --nouseauthorsort option, which makes the tool resort to the author DisplayName for sorting, instead of the special Calibre 'sort' field
- added the --catalogtitle option, to allow for custom catalog titles
- corrected a bug in the "split by letter" catalogs, with the "other" split element
1.0.0 - ended beta phase, moved to Launchpad, renamed to calibre2opds
0.0.8 - split by letter for all catalogs, when the --maxBeforeSplit option is reached
- added icons in all the elements of the catalogs
- added icons in the HTML catalogs, too
- added a check to rebuild thumbnails when --thumbnailHeight has changed
- changed the way the "split by letter" catalog entries are described
- added the --nogeneratefiles options, to skip download links in the OPDS catalogs (useful for demos)
- added the --nomixbooks option, when set the books and their containers are never mixed (by inserting additional container levels)
- enhanced authors, tags, series, and all books container summaries
0.0.7 - the books in the "books by letter" subcatalogs are now sorted by title
- the links to Wikipedia in the "recent books" subcatalogs were including the date in the title
- the eReader format should now be recognized by Stanza
- the tool is launched with a 256Mb memory setting by default (useful if the user's library is huge)
- added a warning when the thumbnail size is set to more than 125
- added the thumbnail in the Stanza style (x-stanza-cover-image-thumbnail) because Stanza does not support this feature of OPDS
- corrected the links (urlencoded them)
- enhanced the HTML catalogs
- added internationalization support
- the tags catalogs can be categorized (i.e. if your tags are formatted like Action:ToRead:Now, they will be generated as a tree of catalogs)
0.0.6 - corrected (again) the database access
- added multiple file formats (all by default, use --includeformats)
- the user has the choice of options (use --help to find out which)
- added cross-references in the books pages (to other books by the same author, other books in the same categories, etc.)
- added links to Goodread in the books details (and to Wikipedia, but only in the HTML catalogs)
- rewrote the output engine, we are now OPDS-compliant (meaning that Aldiko users can also use our catalogs)
- added HTML catalogs alongside the XML ones, with nice popup menus (hint: catalog.html) (Ian's idea, thanks go to him)
- added generation of thumbnail images, to save bandwidth and speed up the feed loadings in Stanza
- stole the icons of Feedbook to use them in my feed (I hope it's not a problem for Hadrien...)
- all the catalogs are now paginated
- added the option of not generating the download section in the HTML catalogs (again, Ian's idea)
0.0.5 - corrected a bug in the database SQL requests which made the tool miss a few books (or all, in some cases)
0.0.4 - changed the way the tool finds the ebook files ; it now looks inside the database for a Calibre-computed filename
0.0.3 - added a test mode parameter, to make it easier to find and eradicate bugs that I cannot easily reproduce here
0.0.2 - authors, series and recent additions
#2908112 : Generate series catalog
#2908111 : Generate authors catalog
#2908109 : Generate recent books catalog
0.0.1 - first ever release
This is the first release, lacking some functionnality but usable nonetheless.