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Importing to Microsoft SQL Server

This walkthough will show you how to import the exported CSV data to Microsoft SQL Server. This guide assumes you already have SQL server installed and running.

First build the browser and export the tables:

$ python buildcalaccesscampaignbrowser
$ python exportcalaccesscampaignbrowser

Setting up pypyodbc

In order to connect to SQL Server from the application, we'll need to install pypyodbc, an open database connectivity library that allows Python to communicate with multiple databases.

Installation is simple:

$ pip install pypyodbc

Configure ODBC and Free TDS

You'll need to install ODBC and configure its database drivers.

Mac OS X users can install ODBC and Free TDS with homebrew:

`Note:` This has not been tested and should be considered provisional

$ brew install unixodbc
$ brew install freetds

Linux users can follow these instructions are from the project wiki:

  1. Install ODBC and Free TDS
$ sudo apt-get install tdsodbc unixodbc
  1. Modify /etc/odbcinst.ini

From the wiki: "If odbcinst.ini doesn't exist under /etc, create the file. Find the path to If the path to the file is /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/, make sure you have the below content in the file:"

Driver = /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/odbc/
  1. Modify /etc/freetds/freetds.conf

From the wiki: "Make sure there are following lines under the "Global" section in the file:"

TDS_Version = 8.0
client charset = UTF-8

Connecting to the server

Next, you'll need to add the SQL server variables to your Since this will contain sensitive information, we suggest storing these variables in a file that's not tracked by version control and importing it.

SQL_SERVER_DRIVER = ''  # Use 'FreeTDS' if you followed instructions above
SQL_SERVER_ADDRESS = ''  # Your SQL Server IP address
SQL_SERVER_PORT = ''  # Your SQL Server port number
SQL_SERVER_USER = ''  # Your SQL server username
SQL_SERVER_PASSWORD = ''  # Your SQL server password
SQL_SERVER_DATABASE = '' # Your SQL server database name

Import data into SQL Server

With the above configuration, you should now be able to import the exported CSV data from your local folder to SQL server:

$ python importtosqlserver