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A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance and lobbying activity data from the California Secretary of State's CAL-ACCESS database
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.github Update CODEOWNERS Nov 27, 2018
calaccess_raw Update tests Sep 28, 2018
docs Update models.rst Jul 3, 2016
.gitignore Refactored some more for Python 3 fixes and greater simplicity Aug 16, 2018
.travis.yml Fixes Aug 16, 2018
Makefile Cut support for MySQL Aug 16, 2018
Pipfile Upgraded django-postgres-copy req Aug 18, 2018
Pipfile.lock Django 2.1 is hurr Aug 16, 2018
README.rst Back to README.rst for new tricks Aug 16, 2018 Link to Aug 16, 2018
requirements.txt Upgraded django-postgres-copy req Aug 18, 2018
setup.cfg Tightened up docstrings on annotation utilities. For #1474. Jul 3, 2016 v2.0.5 Oct 9, 2018
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