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Custom Project Settings

The settings listed below allow you to customize the behavior our apps to suit your needs. They should be declared in your Django project's file.

Read more about Django settings here.


The local directory where the calaccess_raw and calaccess_processed management commands will download, extract and write files. By default, this is will be {BASE_DIR}/data/, where BASE_DIR is a setting pre-populated in when you set up a new Django project.

You can change this location — say to the tmp/ directory at your file system's root — by adding a line to



Enable archiving of all .ZIP, .TSV and .CSV files in order to preserve each snapshot of the raw and processed CAL-ACCESS data.

Be default, archiving is disabled. You can enable it by adding this line to


If you enable archiving, files will be saved in your Django project's default storage system, which you can also customize. For example, we use django-storages to upload our archived files to an AWS Simple Service Storage (S3) bucket.

If you enable archiving without configuring DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE, files will be stored in the directory specified in your Django project's MEDIA_ROOT.

You can read more about how Django manages file storage here.