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A repository of community-built prefabs and other enhancements for Oblige 7.70
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A repository of new features, enhancements, and an extensive library of community-built prefabs for Oblige 7.70.


Currently, the Oblige community resides on an unofficial Discord server since the official forums were shut down. You may join us at the following link:

Unofficial Oblige Discord


Please visit our Latest Release to download the current build of ObAddon. Older releases may be found here if required.


Your addons/ folder location may vary depending on your operating system and whether Oblige is installed system-wide.

  • Download ObAddon via the link above.
  • Place ObAddon.pk3 file into your Oblige addons/ folder
  • Open Oblige and go to Menu > Addons
  • Place a checkmark next to the addon ObAddon.pk3 to enable it.
  • Restart Oblige.


If you wish to try our "bleeding edge" code, you can build the addon yourself.

Automated (for environments with make available such as Linux):

  • git clone ObAddon
  • cd ObAddon
  • cd scripts
  • make
  • The file ObAddon.pk3 will appear in a new build/ folder. This may be imported to your current Oblige installation as described in the Instructions section above.


  • Download or clone the repo as desired.
  • Open the src/ folder.
  • Add the contents of the folder to a compressed / zipped folder named ObAddon.
  • Rename the .zip file/folder to .pk3.
  • ObAddon.pk3 may be imported to your current Oblige installation as described in the Instructions section above.



Adds a HUGE library of prefabricates to decorate maps, a collection spanning months of work including decorative walls, doodads, and functional pieces such as stairs, joiners, teleporters, start rooms, joining pieces, and lifts.


  • Streets mode! Create a map composed of largely outdoor street-like zones from which rooms (buildings!) will sprout from!

  • Procedural Gotchas! Massive procedurally generated arenas with increased challenge (and bosses), with customizable difficulty.

  • PsYcHeDeLiC theme.

  • Layout Absurdification! This module attempts to create more interesting maps by forcing certain shape rules in the grammar set to be much more prominent than normal.

  • ZDoom fog! With the ZDoom Special Addons module, you can now get parametric fog (based on the Sky Generator inputs) within the levels!

  • Glaice's Epic Textures mod, now integrated from Oblige 6.x!

  • Toggle for turning prebuilt levels on or off!

  • Exposed parameters for the Sky Generator such as day/night and mountain settings. Play an entire generated WAD at night mood... for the mood.

  • Expanded controls for monster setting, such as trap style, monster mix-it-up fine tune, and monster placement inside secrets and traps.

  • LOTS and LOTS of new shape rules such as new steepness shapes, new liquid shapes, new shape of all sorts. Above 200% more shapes than vanilla! (or at least 200% new lines...)

  • Prefab Control module - can control the amount of detail desired for the map, for your visual preference or for stability.

  • Expanded prefab error reporting - you too, can make your own fabs and test them out.

  • Beams! Just like Oblige 3.x and 6.x, beams have a chance of appearing between borders of varying ceilings, floors and liquid zones!

  • Rudimentary support for prefabricated ZDoom 3D skyboxes.

  • New vista types, such as bottomless pits (ZDoom only) and liquid oceans.

  • Buildings with windows that open into vistas!

  • New control to select ceiling and floor sink styles: curved and flowy, or sharp and angular.

  • Lots and lots and lots of bugfixes from base Oblige 7.7!


License: GPL v3

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