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ObAddon Title Graphic


A repository of new features, enhancements, and an extensive library of community-built prefabs for Oblige 7.70.

New: For Windows x64 users, a win64 executable for Oblige 7.70 is now available which addresses memory issues in creating large megawads, boosts performance, and prompts the user in taskbar when map building is complete. Credit to Sumwunn for this!


Currently, the Oblige community resides on an unofficial Discord server since the official forums were shut down. You may join us at the following link:

If you wish to more directly participate in ObAddon's development, the project is completely open to contributions from simply new prefabs to new script modules!

Unofficial Oblige Discord


Please visit our Latest Release to download the current build of ObAddon. Older releases may be found here if required.


Your addons/ folder location may vary depending on your operating system and whether Oblige is installed system-wide.

  • Download ObAddon via the link above.
  • Place ObAddon.pk3 file into your Oblige addons/ folder
  • Open Oblige and go to Menu > Addons
  • Place a checkmark next to the addon ObAddon.pk3 to enable it.
  • Restart Oblige.


If you wish to try our "bleeding edge" code, you can build the addon yourself.

Automated (for environments with make available such as Linux):

  • git clone ObAddon
  • cd ObAddon
  • cd scripts
  • make
  • The file ObAddon.pk3 will appear in a new build/ folder. This may be imported to your current Oblige installation as described in the Instructions section above.


  • Download or clone the repo as desired.
  • Open the src/ folder.
  • Add the contents of the folder to a compressed / zipped folder named ObAddon.
  • Rename the .zip file/folder to .pk3.
  • ObAddon.pk3 may be imported to your current Oblige installation as described in the Instructions section above.



Adds a HUGE library of prefabricates to decorate maps, a collection spanning more than a year of work including decorative walls, doodads, and functional pieces such as stairs, joiners, teleporters, start rooms, joining pieces, and lifts contributed by different authors! YOU TOO can contribute!


New Level Layouts!

  • Streets mode! Create a map composed of largely outdoor street-like zones from which rooms (buildings!) will sprout from!

  • Linear mode! Don't want to get lost navigating through a maze of doors? It's only a walk forward from start to finish without branches!

  • Nature mode! Return to nature with some fresh air in the parks or go treasure hunting in caves!

  • Procedural Gotchas! Massive procedurally generated arenas with increased challenge (and bosses), with customizable difficulty.

  • Layout Absurdification! A module that attempts to create more interesting maps by forcing certain shape rules in the grammar set to be much more prominent!

  • LOTS and LOTS of new shape rules such as new steepness shapes, new liquid shapes, new shape of all sorts. Above 200% more shapes than vanilla! (or at least 200% new lines...)

New Architectural Elements!

  • Beams! Just like Oblige 3.x and 6.x, beams have a chance of appearing between borders of varying ceilings, floors and liquid zones!

  • Naturalistic parks! Parks can now have natural-looking cliffs!

  • Steppy caves! Making a triumphant return from earlier Oblige versions, spelunking has never felt more satisfying!

  • Porches/gazebos! Be careful, one might be out to get you!

  • New vista types, such as bottomless pits, gradual falling cliffs, and oceans!

  • Buildings with windows that open into vistas!

  • New control to select ceiling and floor sink styles: curved and flowy, or sharp and angular.

New Cosmetic Features!

  • PsYcHeDeLiC theme. VAYP NAYSH, YA'LL.

  • Armaetus's Epic Textures pack, now integrated from Oblige 6.x, now with awesome new textures used for ObAddon banners and vending machines!

    • Includes an Environment Themes system, enabling outdoor sections to be either desert-ish or snowy!
    • Also includes Custom Trees, available in either ZScript or ACS/Decorate formats! (ACS/Decorate format still in-progress)
  • Quite literally exploded name generator with lots of new words and combinations!

ZDoom Stuff!

  • ZDoom Story Generator! Make Doomguy do something different each time you play and give yourself something to read in-between your demon face-blasting!

  • ZDoom fog! With the ZDoom Special Addons module, you can now get parametric fog (based on the Sky Generator inputs) within the levels!

  • Fauna mode - add some creepy crawlies to your maps to further enhance the atmosphere!

  • Glorious 3D multi-sector skyboxes!

  • Custom quit messages and intermission pictures!

  • Episode selection?! In my Doom 2 WAD?!

  • Dynamic lights! Now with Doom 64 style colors for that nostalgia!

Expanded Fine Tune!

  • Exposed parameters for the Sky Generator such as day/night and mountain settings. Play an entire generated WAD at night mood... for the mood.

  • Toggle for turning prebuilt levels on or off!

  • Expanded controls for monster setting, such as trap style, monster mix-it-up fine tune, and monster placement inside secrets and traps.

  • Change global light setting with Brightness Offset control!

Expanded Debug Control

  • Live Growth Minimap! Watch Oblige build a level in front of you - just like a Japanese teppanyaki chef!

  • Prefab Control module - can control the amount of detail desired for the map, for your visual preference or for stability.

  • Expanded prefab error reporting - you too, can make your own fabs and test them out.

Lots and lots and lots of bugfixes from base Oblige 7.7!


License: GPL v3