[iOS] A draggable view (Dragging within and especially out of scrollviews)
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A DroppableView represents a single draggable View. You may use it as a base class for any view, that you need to be draggable in your project. You can even use it to drag something out of a scrollview, as you can see in the example project: The white cards can be dragged out of the scrollView onto the gray & red circles. Try it!



Just subclass from JDDroppableView and your ready to go. If you want to use specific drop-targets, you can use any of the following APIs to add them:

- (id)initWithDropTarget:(UIView*)target;
- (void)addDropTarget:(UIView*)target;
- (void)removeDropTarget:(UIView*)target;
- (void)replaceDropTargets:(NSArray*)targets;
  • target is a view (outside of the scrollview), to where the element should be draggable

NOTE: If you use a DroppableView within a UIScrollView, you need to set canCancelContentTouches = NO; on the scrollView.