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Classes play an important role in Rolecraft.
Each class can be equipped with different spells and a different specialization of the four stats/skills:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Vitallity
  • Intelligence

Strength increases the defense and the damage of a player, while Dexterity improves defense and certain spells.
Vitallity improves the health of the player and Intelligence is needed to cast powerful spells.

To edit/create a class open plugins/Rolecraft/Classes/classes.yml. There you will be able to specify the start-stats of your class. To give a class access to a spell, you will have to define a combination of x and o's, which stand for left- and right- click.
E.g. xox: SwordSpell means the player has to perform a left-right-left-click to cast the spell.

Example Class:

  chat-color: '&3'
  int: 0
  vit: 5
  dex: 5
  str: 10
    xxx: Speed
    xoo: ArmorSpell
    xox: SwordSpell

The chat-color key defines the color of the Warrior prefix in the inGame chat.

Specific usage of stats/skills and item-effects:

Strength & Dexterity

Your damage & defense is influenced by the formulas
damage = (weapon_damage + spell_damage) ( 1 + strength / 100).
defense = (armor_defense + spell_defense) (1 + strength/ 250 + dexterity / 200).


Vitality increases the maximum health (hearts) by the formula
hearts = 10 + vitality/10.
E.g. if you have 50 vitality, you will have 15 hearts.


Intelligence increases (together with the item-effect 'critical') the chance to make a critical hit (=double damage).
The chance to make a critical hit is
intelligence/5 + critical/2
E.g. if you have 50 intelligence and 20 critical points you get a chance of 20% to make the double of your usual damage.

Each of them can influence the power of your skills.

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