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Create mob with editor

You can create and edit mobs in game with the command /mob edit [mob-name]. It opens a menu which lets you edit all needed values like damage, creature type, health-points, armor and drops etc.

The first row determines (from left to right) the name of your mob, the type of creature, damage, defense, hitpoints, aggressive, level, experience and if is possible to have it as a pet.
In the second row you can insert a weapon and chose armor for your mob.
In the third row you can place drop items.

Do not forget to save with the green button in the bottom right corner.

Create mob manually

To create/edit mobs manually, navigate to plugins/Rolecraft/Mobs and create a YAML file. E.g. ZombieSoldier-1.yml
Now copy this example:

name: Zombie Soldier
entity-type: ZOMBIE
level: 1
hitpoints: 10
defense: 1
damage: 3
agressive: true
pet: true
experience: 15%1-2
extra-spawn-time: 1
  hand: IRON_SWORD
  - '20%APPLE:5'
  - '5%IRON_INGOT:1'
  • name: is the name of the mob which will be displayed above its head.
  • entity-type: is the 'body' of your monster, you can see all of them here.
  • level: is the level of your monster. A player with a higher level will not receive all of the experience when he kills the mob.
  • hitpoints: the health/life points of the mob.
  • defense: the defense points will be subtracted from the damage points of an attacking player.
  • damage: the damage is independent of the weapon of your mob.
  • agressive: true/false, decide if your mob should attack players.
  • pet: true/false should it be possible to have this mob as a pet ?
  • experience: 15%1-2 means that a player who kills this mob will gain 15% of the experience one needs to get from level 1 to level 2. You can also give an absolute number of experience points.
  • extra-spawn-time: (seconds) if a mob dies it will respawn after this amount of time + the time you have given in the config.yml.
  • equipment: decide what weapons/armor your mob bears. Possible Values.
  • drops: a list of items which the mob drops on death. The expression '20%APPLE:5 means there is a 20% chance the mob will drop 5 Apples. Except from the usual Materials, you can also use the name of a custom item you created with Rolecraft.

Spawn your Mobs

To spawn mobs with Rolecraft you can create a mob-spawn-zone somewhere in your world. You can decide which kind of monsters and how many of them spawn in such a spawn-zone.
To create one type /msz create <name of your mob> <radius> <amount>.

If you have multiple mobs named ZombieSoldier you can use the filename in this command instead, which should be unique, e.g. ZombieSoldier-1.


There is a video about how to use pets in game: Pets Tutorial

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