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[Demonstration Video]

Video Tutorial


The easiest way to create a quest is to do it like in the video above.
Think about what items the quester has to collect, which he gets as a reward and maybe which items you want to give him, when he accepts the quests. If you have all these items in your inventory type:
/quest edit <name of your quest> [required quest]
If you enter a required quest, the player has to complete the required quest first to accept the one you are just creating.
Now there will pop up a menu like this:
Quest Editor Menu
Here you will be able to specify these values:

  • the wanted mobs (only custom mobs)
  • the items the quester has to collect
  • the items the quester gets as a reward
  • the items the quester gets when he accepts the quest
  • the amount of the experience reward
  • the minimum level a player needs to accept the quest
  • the required class to accept this quest
  • the name of the villager, who receives the collect-items

You should always either make some collect items or let the player kill some mobs,
otherwise there will be nothing to do to complete the quest.
Also if you don't enter a villager-name, the quester can keep the collect-items,
but he still has to return to the quest-villager to complete the quest.

Assign quests to a villager

To assign the quest to a villager, go to this villager and use the command:
/vg quest <name of your quest>
To accept the quest the player has to right-click this villager.

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