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In Game Item Editor (via GUI)

Video Tutorial:

Video Tutorial

How to get your weapons in game

If you have created some weapons/armor you can get them in game by the command:
/item <name> [level].
Of course you don't want your players to be able to use this command, but they still should be able to use the weapons.
This is possible by creating a trader or setting your weapon as a 'drop item' of some monster.



Navigate to plugins/Rolecraft/Items/Weapons and create a YAML file named by your weapon, e.g. Excalibur.yml.
Now you can copy my example weapon from here:

material: DIAMOND_SWORD  
damage: 4,5,6,6,7,7,8,9
min-level: 16  
class-type: Warrior  
  CRIT: 7  
  VIT: 5  
  INT: 9  
  DEX: 0  
  STR: 10  
  DODGE: 0  
  • material: this is the bukkit material which your weapon will be.
  • damage: the example from above means that for each hit there is a 1/8 chance that the damage is 4, since there are 8 numbers and the 4 occurs one time. But there is a 2/8 chance that the damage is 6, since the 6 occurs 2 times.
    If you only give one number, the damage will be constant.
  • min-level: players with a lower level won't be able to use this weapon.
  • class-type: only players with this class-type will be able to use the weapon.
  • item-effects: here you can specify which bonus effects the weapon has. STR,VIT,INT and DEX improve the stats of the player. CRIT improves the chance to make a double-damage hit and DODGE improves the chance to dodge an enenmies attack.


Armor works very similar, navigate to plugins/Rolecraft/Armor and create a YAML file named like you want to name your armor.
Here is an example:

defense: 6
min-level: 15
class-type: Warrior
  CRIT: 1
  VIT: 10
  INT: 1
  DEX: 15
  STR: 1
  DODGE: 5
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