Mongoose OS - an open source Operating System for Internet of Things. Supported microcontrollers: ESP32, ESP8266, CC3220, CC3200, STM32F4. Amazon AWS IoT & Google IoT Core integrated. Code in C or JavaScript.
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Mongoose OS Gitter

  • Mongoose OS - open source embedded Operating System for commercial connected products.

Targeting commercial connected products:

  • Over-The-Air updates and remote management - OTA firmware updates with rollback on failures; RPC infrastructure for the full remote control;
  • Security - built in flash encryption, crypto chip support ARM mbedTLS optimized for small memory footprint;
  • Device management dashboard service - for tracking your fleet. On-prem option is available;
  • Supported microcontrollers: CC3220, CC3200, ESP32, ESP8266, STM32F4;
  • Recommended dev kits: ESP32-DevKitC for AWS IoT, ESP32 Kit for Google IoT Core;
  • IoT cloud integration Built in support for: AWS IoT, Google IoT Core, Microsoft Azure, Samsung Artik, Adafruit IO, Generic MQTT/Restful;
  • Code in C or JavaScript;
  • Ready to go Apps and Libraries;
  • Embedded JavaScript engine - mJS;

Mongoose OS benefits:

  • Reliable and scallable infrastructure for commercial products;
  • Secure, trusted and verified by leading companies;
  • Shorter time to market at optimal cost;
  • Quick proof of concepts / prototypes.

Trusted and Recommended By:

Docs, Support


Mongoose OS is released under Commercial and GNU GPL v.2 open source licenses.

Commercial Projects: Contact us for the commercial license.


To submit contributions, sign Cesanta CLA and send GitHub pull request. You retain the copyright on your contributions.