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Remove respond to JSON for current pages is a website for talk proposals, either to your own conference or lightning talks. Users can post talk proposals and they can be voted and commented by the users.

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Environment Configuration

You must set the following environment variables for the system to fully work:


Bootstrapping (and using Foreman to run all the things)

Your first time here? Just run:

$ bin/setup

It will guide you through the basic dependencies needed to run the application. You can run it, see if it yells at you, fix it... and run it again!

Repeat until all the stuff is in place.

Environment variables

Edit the file .env generated in the project's root dir and add your keys for twitter and facebook applications.


The setup will create a config/database.yml, the user configuration will point to your current s.o. user.

Edit this file if you need, or if the setup process fail trying to use the credentials auto generated.

let's go!

Then start the server with the following command:

$ foreman start -f Procfile.development

When using docker

At the time of writing it, it was tested with versions:

For Docker Engine: 1.12.5

For Docker Compose: 1.6.2

For development environment

When in development environment, it can be useful to have some extra configs, like volumes to keep the application directory synced and avoid losing database files.

In docker-compose.override.yml.sample exists some of those extra configs, so you can run the command below to make use of it:

$ cp docker-compose.override.yml.sample docker-compose.override.yml


After you're done with specific environment's steps, to setup the application, you need to run:

$ docker-compose run --rm web bin/setup

Running the application

Now that all setup steps are done, you only need to run the command below to get the application running:

$ docker-compose up

That's it! Just go to http://localhost:3000.


To contribute to call4paperz, submit a pull request (preferably in a feature branch), with tests if possible. If you have any doubts, just bug lucianosousa or tauil.

Also, please make feature branches. For instance, if you add a new feature, create a feature branch called "my-awesome-feature". That helps reviewing pull requests, specially if you have unrelated commits.


Maintenance is done by lucianosousa and tauil. Before was bravely maintained by ricardovaleriano and vinibaggio.

Original authors

  • Anderson Leite (no longer active)
  • Douglas Campos (no longer active)
  • Vinicius Baggio Fuentes (no longer active)


We have a few awesome contributors that you can take a look here:


call4paperz uses the MIT license. Please check the LICENSE file for more details.