Drawpile public session listing server
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Drawpile Public Listing Server

This is a collection of sample implementations of a Drawpile public listing server.

Note: these are now obsolete and unmaintained. The current version is at drawpile/listserver.

To install, first create the database. Scripts are provided for MySQL/MariaDB and Postgresql. The PHP based server uses MySQL and the Python based on Postgresql.

To use your server, go to Drawpile's preferences dialog, click on the Add button (in the List servers tab) and enter the URL to your listing server. (E.g. http://example.com/my-listing-server/)

Note. The list server scripts will never delete anything from the database, so you should periodically run the cleanup-database.sql to keep old listings from accumulating.

Installing the PHP based server

Note! The PHP version is currently outdated and not recommended for use.

Copy the contents of php/ to your server. Remember to copy the .htaccess file as well!

Rename or copy config.php.sample to config.php and modify the the settings to suit your server environment. You should now have a functioning Drawpile listing server!

Installing the Python (CherryPy) based server

  1. (Optional) Create a virtualenv
  2. Install the dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Copy settings.py.sample to settings.py and adjust to suit your environment.
  4. Configure nginx/apache/other web server to proxy traffic to the application. (See various CherryPy deployment guides)