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A status bar widget for Ubersicht on OS X
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Bar is an Übersicht widget that places a customizable bar on your desktop.



  • Currently playing music from
    • Spotify
  • Battery
  • Date/Time


Download (or clone) this repository and place the folder in your Übersicht widgets directory.


Open index.jsx and edit as you'd like. Some of the objects toward the top should make customization a little easier.

Space configuration

It's possible to get chunkwm to update when spaces are switched. You can use the following in your ~/.khdrc.

cmd - 1 : khd -p "cmd + alt - 1" && uberrefresh

uberrefresh is a shell script included in this repository. Copy it to /usr/local/bin

cp bin/uberrefresh /usr/local/bin/uberrefresh


If you find a bug or have any questions about Bar, submit an issue.

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