The executable emulates the look and feel of the Example Application shown on the website. The code contains a UDP receiver class for capturing Caller ID packets from the LAN. It includes methods for parsing data from call records, displaying Caller ID on multiple lines in a Window, and storing call data. Two small SQLite databases are created i…
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Sample UDP Packets

CALLERID.COM iOS Sample Application

iOS Development

  • This app will uses the 'CocoaAsyncSocket' libraries to make UDP coding easier.
  • This app will aslo be using SQLite which will mean including the FMDB wrapper for Objective-C.
  • App targets iPhone 5s.

Refer to this repo's source code for example application.

To begin your own iOS project do the following:

1- Install cocoaPods:

Terminal install:
sudo gem install cocoapods

2- Create a project using XCode.

3- Create/initalize podfile to include:

pod 'CocoaAsyncSocket'
pod 'FMDB'

You will also need *.m and *.h files from the 'src' folder
of the FMDB github repo. Place them in your project.


4- In terminal CD to your project directory Run 'pod install' to add dependencies to your project

       ***After using 'pod install'***
Remember to open your project from now on using the
'workspace' file instead of project file.

5- Refer to this repo's source example for help.

References (web references used for this project)

For UDP receiver help:

For FMDB database help: