This tool sends Caller ID data via UDP packets to test Ethernet Caller ID applications. The program emulates all Caller ID records produced by Ethernet connected units.
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Builds/macOsEthernetEmulator 2017-03-31/macOS Ethernet

CALLERID.COM iOS Etherenet Emulator

macOS Development

  • This app will uses the 'CocoaAsyncSocket' libraries to make UDP coding easier.
  • App targets iPad Pro 9.7 inch

Purpose of this app:

  • Test your own software with real packets on your network that are identical to the packets that would/will be sent by devices.

App Manual:

To generate a call on your network (your testing software must be on this network):

- Select Unit Type: 'Basic' or 'Deluxe'
- Select 'Inbound' or 'Outbound' using raido buttons to set record type
- Check 'Detailed' to include 'Ring', 'Off-hooks', and 'On-hooks'
- Determine which line to send the packet on:
	- Select 'Name' and 'Number' from drop downs
- Click 'Send'

** This will send a formatted packet that is identical to a hardware
packet sent from one of our devices. This is used mostly to test your own POS 
software **

For UDP client help: