A RStudio addin for ggplot2 theme tweaking
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ggThemeAssist is a RStudio-Addin that uses the rstudioapi package and provides a GUI for editing ggplot2 themes.

For a full list of features see NEWS.


Please be aware that you need the most recent (stable) release of RStudio (v0.99.878 or later). Additionally, ggThemeAssist depends on shiny and miniUI.

Install from Github

You can install the latest version of ggThemeAssist from Github using the devtools package:

if (!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE))


Install from CRAN

The stable version of ggThemeAssist, v0.1.4, is available on CRAN:



After installing, ggThemeAssist is available in the Addins menu within RStudio.

To edit ggplot2 themes, just highlight a ggplot2 object in your current script and run the Addin from the Addins menu. ggplot2 will analyze your current plot, update its defaults to your current specification and give you a preview. Use the input widgets to get your ideas into shape. After terminating ggThemeAssist a character string containing your desired changes in standard ggplot2 notation is inserted in your script. Re-running your script now produces the plot you just configured using ggThemeAssist.

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