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College Tools

An Android App for our college, Dr. KNMIET

Some questions we ask everyday, either to yourself or others.

How many classes I need to attend in order to attain target attendance.

What is next class? What is syllabus of this subject.

This is the app that solves these problem.

####App is work in progress:

  • Bunk Calculator - Simple iterative algorithm.
  • TimeTable - Add JSON format of timetable for each section of each branch of each year and parse to get queried result and display to user.
  • Mess Timetable - Similar implementations as of Timetable.
  • Syllabus - Similar implementations as of Timetable.
  • Widgets - Widgets for academic timetable and mess timetable.

####Future plans:

  • Auto-fetch data - Automatically parse data from college student login.
  • Notification - Add Push Notification service.