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Calliope mini Robot

See how the motor functions work and remote control a robot.

Robot & Controller

The code has two parts

  1. Robot code CalliopeRobot.cpp
  2. Robot controller code CalliopeRobotController.cpp

You need two Calliope mini and program one of the two codes into each one. To compile each of the two programs, comment out one or the other in CalliopeRobot.h. Build and the copy to the Device.


Connect the two motors:

  • Left Motor A to MOTOR2 and GND
  • Right Motor B to MOTOR1 and GND

If you need extra power, connect a battery (+) to VM and (-) to GND. Connect a battery to the Calliope mini battery connector or via a USB power block.

Controlling the Robot

  1. Power on the robot
  2. Power on the controller
  • Hold the controller horizontally and the robot will drive slowly forward.
  • Tilt the controller forward or backward to go faster or slower.
  • Tilt left or right to go left or right.

The robots display will show a < if turning left, a > if turning right, and a ^ driving forward.


(c) 2016 Calliope gGmbH

Author: Matthias L. Jugel (@thinkberg)

Licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0, see LICENSE.


A simple robot with two motors, remotely controlled by another Calliope mini.




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