A minimal frontend boilerplate, emphasizing workflow.
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Outset on NPM

A minimal frontend boilerplate, emphasizing workflow.


Outset is a workflow moreso than it is a framework. It aims to exist in the background, not the spotlight.

All the magic happens in the gulpfile. The actual HTML/CSS/JS code provides some useful but minimal boilerplate. A more detailed explanation of both can be found here.

Outset eliminates a number of annoyances, while making very few assumptions. It is developed with the intention of being the solution to writing frontend code instantly, without worrying about setup, or configuring a build system.

Getting Started

In your terminal:

# using node and npm
# install outset globally

$ npm install outset -g

# use the outset command from the CLI to scaffold a project
# template files are copied to the CWD, unless a path is specified

$ outset [path]
$ npm i
$ gulp

In your browser:


Work in the src folder, deploy from the dist folder.

Browser Support

Targeting evergreen browsers and IE10+.

Note that this boilerplate doesn't detect browsers or their features.

Built With Love