Create an image gallery from a folder with a liquid tag. Great for a Jekyll or Octopress Site
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Jekyll Image Set

Create an Image Gallery from a Folder

Takes a dir (generally a subdirectory of your images folder), gets all the images from it, and creates HTML image and container tags.

Useful for creating an image gallery and the like.


Place the image_set.rb file in the _plugins directory of your Jekyll site



{% image_set images/gallery1 %}

(this will create a ul container, then li and img tags for each image in images/gallery1)

with some options

{% image_set images/gallery2 --class=img-responsive --container-tag=div --wrap-tag=div %}

(this will set the class for the img tags and use div's for the container and wrap)

What About the GIFs!?

Right now, it will match any .jpg or .png file in the path you specify. If you need to match other file types, edit the full_path var in the render method.

Available Options

--class=some_class sets the class for the img tags, default is 'image'

--wrap_tag=some_tag sets the tag to wrap around each , default is 'li'

--wrap_class=some_class sets the class for wrap_tag, default is 'image-item'

--container_tag=some_tag sets the tag to contain all img's, default is 'ul'

--container_class=some_class sets the class for container_tag, default is 'image-set'

Known Issues

  • Cannot add multiple clasess to img tags or wrap/container tags.
  • No way to set ALT or other attributes for img tags. Need this for SEO probably.
  • Tabs/indentation is crappy.