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Kianda commented Dec 4, 2016

The default "Call Vote" always fail if I try to change gametype; I get "Invalid gametype." as response.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

@T-Maxxx T-Maxxx self-assigned this Dec 5, 2016

Yup second that. Invalid gametype is invoked if gametype is to be changed.

T-Maxxx commented Dec 8, 2016

There must be names of gametypes and its localized versions but for some unknown reason memory of (at least my) server is empty. The server thinks there's no maps\gametypes with requested name and denies your vote request. Sad. I will remove check from callvote code and you will be able to call votes again.

@T-Maxxx T-Maxxx added the bug label Dec 8, 2016
@T-Maxxx T-Maxxx removed their assignment Dec 8, 2016
D4edalus commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

how does voting work exactly?

i tried to make a vote yesterday with \callvote map_rotate
the vote was started, but when the timer ran out nothing happened

also when i tried to call the \vote command on a second client nothing happened. also pressing F1, F2 to vote yes or no respectively did nothing.

am i doing something wrong or is the problem even bigger than just not recognizing map and gametype names?

D4edalus commented Jan 9, 2017

another bug i noticed with \callvote was that in the right bottom a message gets displayed about starting the vote: "&&1 has started a vote" ( or something along that lines )
&&1 doesnt get translated to the playername for some reason

bykidi commented Jan 9, 2017

@D4edalus p.s.: do not put that in your name. ever :D

D4edalus commented Jan 9, 2017

@bykidi tell me more

T-Maxxx commented Jan 9, 2017 edited


  1. Read vote string.
  2. Tokenize it, set voting flags (Who, what, when, etc.)
  3. Set "vote" configstrings so it'll be syncronized on each connected client.
  4. Wait for vote ends and receive "yes""no" commands, update configstrings so clients will be notified when something changed.
  5. If succeeded, check passed parameters and execute result command (eg. "map mp_voted_map").
    I've noticed it fails at checking passed parameters.

\callvote g_gametype sab
Worked for me when I tried it. Maybe it works only if I am alone on server?

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