Linux CoD4x_Server LAN/Local Browser not replying to broadcasts #113

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togenshi commented Jan 8, 2017

Server: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit
Install process: As per
Issue: Cannot see local linux Dedicated Server in client local browser.

Issue is not present in Windows.

Client can connect and update using connect console command. Game works as it should if I used console -> connect .

Also tried

Set dedicated to 1 in start up script and cod4-server.cfg. Tried various net_ip from, , localhost and omit the variable altogether. Disabled IPv6 from kernel. Tried various ports as well. LDD is not missing any libraries, etc. Still not working.

Same with net_qport and every quake option I can find. No go.

-------- Plugins initialization completed --------
Warning: Couldn't bind to a v6 ip address.
Opening IP socket: UDP
Opening IP socket: UDP
Opening IP socket: TCP
Opening IP socket: [::]:0 UDP
QUERY LIMIT: Querylimiting is enabled
[S_API] Initialization completed
--- Common Initialization Complete ---
--- Game binary initialization ---

CoD4X Auto Update
Current version: 1.8
Current subversion: 16.2
Current build: 1711

Listening through TCPDUMP confirms I am getting good ole quake 3 broadcast packets on 28960-28633 however the dedicated server isn't sending out a reply to the client.

17:33:29.195088 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 128, id 9100, offset 0, flags [none], proto UDP (17), length 43) > UDP, length 15
E..+#.....U.........q q!........getinfo xxx... being the CoD4 Client.

I have also got a CoD4 1.7 Linux Dedicated Server that has the same issue so I believe the issue is to do with the actual binary.

Is it possible to create a fix for this?

D4edalus commented Jan 8, 2017

that is just a problem with the serverbrowser set to "local" right? so adding the server to the "favorites" would show it correctly for you?

togenshi commented Jan 8, 2017 edited

I run (as a games admin) a 864 player LAN ( and I can't expect 30-50 players to add individual servers to their favourites. But can confirm favourites does work. Might be able to direct people to add dns names to their favourites list but a reply will be helpful.

For example, if we have to move to a NAT'd network, we can have a caching lan browser server running as a intermediary. If a server doesn't reply to broadcast, then it gets complex really fast to see what servers are available. I think Dreamhack has such a daemon.

@D4edalus D4edalus added the bug label Jan 8, 2017
IceNinjaman commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

Well that problem exists for years now and I did never really care enough to actually want to fix it.

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