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Updated the manifest to include media files

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coordt committed Sep 16, 2011
1 parent b5a22f4 commit 95a062fcf5fba31e677a6960be3f7d62784bbc86
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@@ -4,8 +4,9 @@ include NOTICE
include README
include requirements.txt
-recursive-include doc_src *.rst *.html *.css *.js *.png *.gif
-recursive-include docs *.html *.css *.js *.png *.gif
+recursive-include doc_src *.rst *.html *.css *.js *.png
+recursive-include docs *.html *.css *.js *.png
+recursive-include supertagging/static *.css *.js
recursive-include supertagging *.py
recursive-include supertagging/sql/ *.sql

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