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Linaria CLI allows you to extract CSS from your source files using a command line.


yarn linaria [options] <file1> [<fileN>...]

Option -o, --out-dir <dir> is always required.

You can also use glob for specifying files to process:

yarn linaria -o styles src/component/**/*.js
# or multiple globs
yarn linaria -o styles src/component/**/*.js src/screens/**/*.js

CLI supports adding a require statement for generated CSS file automatically:

yarn linaria -o out-dir --source-root src --insert-css-requires dist src/**/*.js

where source-root is directory with source JS files and insert-css-requires has directory with transpiled/compiled JS files.


  • -o, --out-dir <dir> (required) - Output directory for the extracted CSS files
  • -s, --source-maps - Generate source maps for the CSS files
  • -r, --source-root <dir> - Directory containing the source JS files
  • -i, --insert-css-requires <dir> - Directory containing JS files to insert require statements for the CSS files (works only if -r, --source-root is provided)
  • -c, --config-file <filepath> - Path to the configuration file. If a relative path is given, it'll be resolved relative to the current working directory.
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