Material Design for React Native (Android & iOS)
tchayen and satya164 docs: fix wrong URL to 'getting started' (#545)
I've noticed that link to the _getting started_ page in the docs seems to not working as expected since `*.html` extension is added anyway and it makes the link broken:

### Motivation

The documentation is important part of the library and should be working properly.

### Test plan

Enter `/docs`, install using `yarn` and run it with `yarn start`.

> **NOTE:** _the current version works on localhost and breaks only in the prod env. Suggested change will probably work in both, but needs to be verified by someone who knows the deployment process._
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Material design for React Native.

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Currently supported React Native version: >= 0.50.3

Try it out

Run the example app with Expo to see it in action.

The source code for the examples are under the /example folder.

Getting Started

Refer to the getting started guide for instructions.


Check the components and their usage in our documentation.


Read the contribution guidelines before contributing.