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Lightweight React Native testing utilities helping you write better tests with less effort
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React Native Testing Library

Lightweight React Native testing utilities helping you write better tests with less effort.

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Appreciation notice: This project is heavily inspired by react-testing-library. Go check it out and use it to test your web React apps.

The problem

You want to write maintainable tests for your React Native components without testing implementation details, but then you're told to use Enzyme, which you learn has no React Native adapter, meaning only shallow rendering is supported. And you want to render deep! But deep rendering may otherwise require jsdom (React Native isn't the web!), while doing deep rendering with react-test-renderer is so painful.

You would also like to use the newest React features, but you need to wait for your testing library's abstractions to catch up and it takes a while.

You finally want to approach testing using only best practices, while Enzyme may encourage assertions on implementation details.

This solution

The react-native-testing-library is a lightweight solution for testing your React Native components. It provides light utility functions on top of react-test-renderer letting you always be up to date with latest React features and write any component tests you like. But really not any, it prevents you from testing implementation details because we stand this is a very bad practice.

This library is a replacement for Enzyme. It is tested to work with Jest, but it should work with other test runners as well.


import { render, fireEvent } from 'react-native-testing-library';
import { QuestionsBoard } from '../QuestionsBoard';
import { Question } from '../Question';

function setAnswer(question, answer) {
  fireEvent.changeText(question, answer);

test('should verify two questions', () => {
  const { getAllByType, getByText } = render(<QuestionsBoard {...props} />);
  const allQuestions = getAllByType(Question);

  setAnswer(allQuestions[0], 'a1');
  setAnswer(allQuestions[1], 'a2');'submit'));

    '1': { q: 'q1', a: 'a1' },
    '2': { q: 'q2', a: 'a2' },


Open a Terminal in your project's folder and run:

yarn add --dev react-native-testing-library

This library has a peerDependencies listing for react-test-renderer and, of course, react. Make sure to install them too!

As you may have noticed, it's not tied to React Native at all – you can safely use it in your React components if you feel like not interacting directly with DOM.

API / Usage

The public API of react-native-testing-library is focused around these essential methods:

  • render – deeply renders given React element and returns helpers to query the output components.
  • fireEvent - invokes named event handler on the element.
  • waitForElement - waits for non-deterministic periods of time until your element appears or times out.
  • flushMicrotasksQueue - waits for microtasks queue to flush.

Note to users who are more familiar with react-testing-library: This API does not expose cleanup because it doesn't interact with the DOM. There's nothing to clean up.

Made with ❤️ at Callstack

React Native Testing Library is an open source project and will always remain free to use. If you think it's cool, please star it 🌟. Callstack is a group of React and React Native geeks, contact us at if you need any help with these or just want to say hi!

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