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CallStats for Android


Callstats WebRTC analytic library for Android.

Getting started

Gradle dependency

implementation "io.callstats:callstats:<version>"

Library will requires WebRTC library to be available at runtime.

implementation "org.webrtc:google-webrtc:<version>"

For more information https://webrtc.org/native-code/android/

Create Callstats object

callstats = Callstats(
    appID, // Application ID from Callstats
    localID, // current user ID
    deviceID, // unique device ID
    jwt, // jwt from server for authentication
    alias) // (Optional) user alias

Send events

When starting the call, call startSession with room identifier


These events need to be forwarded to the library in order to start tracking the call. Add followings into your WebRTC PeerConnection.Observer For example:

override fun onIceConnectionChange(state: PeerConnection.IceConnectionState) {
  callstats.reportEvent(peerId, OnIceConnectionChange(state))

override fun onIceGatheringChange(state: PeerConnection.IceGatheringState) {
  callstats.reportEvent(peerId, OnIceGatheringChange(state))

override fun onSignalingChange(state: PeerConnection.SignalingState) {
   callstats.reportEvent(peerId, OnSignalingChange(state))

And when call finished


You can take a look at how to send more events in demo application.