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csio_plugin adding pexip Jul 28, 2016

Contributed with Alan Ford :

For developers using PexRTC to build their own WebRTC applications, three new event callbacks were created which can be used to call out to the API. These callbacks are:

PexRTC.event_newPC = function(pc, uuid, conf, call_type), where:

  • pc: PeerConnection object
  • uuid: unique identifier of this call
  • conf: conference name
  • call_type: internal call type, may be ‘screen’ for screensharing, ‘audio_only’ for audio only.

PexRTC.event_event = function(pc, conf, ev), where:

  • pc: PeerConnection object
  • conf: conference name
  • ev: event; audioMute/audioUnmute/videoPause/videoResume/fabricTerminated

PexRTC.event_error = function(pc, conf, ev, err, sdp), where:

  • pc: PeerConnection object
  • conf: conference name
  • ev: the function in question
  • err: error from function
  • sdp: sdp in question, if relevant

The zip file contains an edited settings.js, which adds a scripts block (if you’re already using customisations, you can just add this scripts block to your existing customisations), and a csio.js file which is imported to make the above calls to the API. This will need to be edited to make use of your personal identifiers in the callStats.initialize call.