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twilio client meets

This is an example integration of the callstats.js (using a shim) hosted at:

The following steps need to be performed by a twilio developer.

  • CallstatsTwilio.initialize(): sets the localUserId and initializes the js to authenticate with, all the necessary callbacks are provided here.
  • CallstatsTwilio.setCallParams(): set the conferenceId and the remoteUserId.

More details can be found in this link

Welcome to the Python Guild!

As members of the Python guild, you will be working through the challenges of TwilioQuest using the Python programming language. This project is pre-configured to do some interesting Twilio stuff using Python and the Flask web framework.

Setting Up

We assume that before you begin, you will have Python and pip installed on your system and available at the command line.

Before you can run this project, you will need to set three system environment variables. These are:

  • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID : Your Twilio "account SID" - it's like your username for the Twilio API. This and the auth token (below) can be found on your account dashboard.
  • TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN : Your Twilio "auth token" - it's your password for the Twilio API. This and the account SID (above) can be found on your account dashboard.

Use the values obtained in the previous steps and change in the file.

Running the application

Navigate to the folder with the source code on your machine in a terminal window.

You will first need to install the application's dependencies. To install them manually, type the following commands in your terminal:

pip install twilio
pip install flask

Now, you should be able to launch the application. From your terminal, run python This should launch your sinatra application on port 5000 - ( or ( .