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An experiment to see how far CSS3 can be pushed
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css-tests --- An experiment to see how far CSS3 can be pushed.

Copyright (c) Callum Macrae 2011

This project is a combination of two things: it is an experiment to see how far CSS can be pushed without the need for any JavaScript, and it will also serve as a small website / online business card for its author, Callum Macrae.

Browser Support

It currently supports the following browsers:

Chrome > 12yes
Firefox > 5yes
Safari > 5sometimes
Operanot really - CSS animations not supported

Fallbacks will not be written for browsers that do not support the CSS3 used. This project is using nothing but standards, and so as browsers improve this website may start working in them.


  • 2011/07/12 - Version one. Very basic :-)
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